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Woman And Her Woes

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First. - Excepting on the sly, she is inhumanly barred from using a oigarette case. Second. - She is not allowed to mate love, but merely to receive the mannf actnred article. Third. - Wüen she bets with any memtier of the other sex, she rarely has the privilege of payiug it if she loses. Fourth. - She is unable to go unattended to the theater. Fifth. - She cannot even dance more thau three times in succession with a partner whom she likes without being suspected of a tendeuoy to flirt. Sixth. - No matter how put out - by her ruaid or her milliner - she is not permitted the use of stronger language thau "Dear me!" or "How tiresome!" Seventh. - She rnay not chaff the waiter at a foreigu table d'hote, although she knows his language perfectly and longs to take advantage of the chance of showing that she knows it. Eighth. - By a masculino assuruption she is deemed unable to play cricket or football and is doomed to less violent games, like croquet and tennis, with mild young men. Ninth. - Though over head and ears in love, she may never make an offer, except, perhaps, iu leap year, and for this it would be hard for her to quote an actual precedent. Tenth. - She is expected to be able to make use of a needie and is thns disabled from corupeting with men in works of idleness. Eleventh. - Her ears are steeped in slang when her brothers come home from school, and yet she is obliged, as far as possible, to keep her lips from using it. Twelf tb. - If there be a baby in the house -whero she is visiting, she is presnmed to be unable to talk sensibly about it. Thirteenth. - When hermarried sister makes a cali, she is ahvays pouuced upou to entertain the ohildren. Fourteenth. - However humorous her temperament may naturally be, she cannot crack a joke or sing a cornic song without being thought eccentric. Fifteenth. - She must not practico boxiug, except as regards the ears of her sniall brothers. Sixteenth. - She is Dot allowed the


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