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A Remarkable Vendetta

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"Did you ever ho:ir (if a strong, ablebodied man goiug crazy irom grief V' asked Capiam ! 'cbuey of the steainship City of Puebla, on iho water front yesterday. "Idon'tinean cue of your highly seufiitive cresrtnres," continned he, "but ;i man 0 íoet 4 inchea ui his stockings, and as strong as an ox. Of snch a man I heard during my last trip to the sound. He is a Russian Finn and is sensible on every subject save one. He has a vendetta against the walrus, and his cabin in the wildsof Alaska is built up with their skulls. "According to the story told me by a passenger who came down with me frorn the sound, this man settled in Alaska years ago. He married a native woman, and she bore him a son. A few years later the ruother died, and all the affection of the half savage father centered on the son. Nothing was too good for the lad, and everything in the way of hunting and fishing lore was taught him. "When the boy was old enough, his father took him out on all his hunting expeditions and soon the youngster began working on his own account. "One fatal day he attacked an old buil walrus, but instead of killing it he himself was the victiru. When the father saw the dead body of his son he was wild with grief, which finally settled into a species of madness. Now all he lives for is to kill walrus. "When the mania first seized him he lived in a dugout. Now his hut is on the grotind and composed almost entirely of walrus skulls. "He crawlw up behind the brutes while they areasleep, and, seizing them by the tusks, Mands them on end by maiu force. He looks into their eyrs as thongh seeking to recoguize the one that killed his son, and then his knife does the rest. The head is then ent off, and goes to make one more toiho morrnment he is raising to the ïnciuory of his ï'ju. "


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