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Massachusetts Official Ink

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There is rio longer any uncertainty in regard to the permanency of the official record ink adopted for use on the state records and official docuruents. As the ink stands in the ink well it is of a deep greeuish tinge and looks not unliko a wri ting fluid. It seeras hardly thicker than a fluid aud flows smoothly and eaaily from the peu. While still dump on the paper it shows the same greenish tingethat is apparent in the ink well, but as it grows qld on the paper it tiikos on a deep black and has a smooth and clean out appearance, without being glossy. After it has been on the paper a minute it is only faintly smutched by vigorous rubbing with the nioisteuod finger, and if allowed to becoine old ou the paper can be -wet thoroughly without being efïaeed. The secret is that the ink eats directly into the surface of the paper and caunot therefore be removed without destroying that surface. There is no danger that the ink will becoiue brown after it has been on the paper or book for maDy years, for the brown i sh tinge is gi-ven by logwood, and no


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