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Argentine Woods

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The woods peculiar to the Aigentine Reptiblic aro, ::s a rule, i'Ot orily distinguished for thcir positive colors, but sonie of tlipru are also said to be of a harduess capable of resisting the keenest tools and of withstanding fire in a remarkable degree. The algarrobo is described as white, red, gray, black and violet ; the quebracho is deep red and pure white; the cedar is bright red; the cibil is white, red and black ; thegayaibi is white, gray and black; the laurel is white, black and yellow ; the tipa is white, red and yellow ; the palo amarilla is bright yellow, as is also the palo moro; the viraro is dark brown ; the caldeĆ¼ is bright red ; the tatane is golden yellow; the pacara is dark red; the molle is black browu ; the lapacho is green, gray and black; the guayabo is deep red, veined with black and yellow ; the palo ribera is dark ciniiamon, with red veins ; the guayacan is black and most indestructible.


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