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Rev. Henry Tatlock preached in Dexter last Sunday. It will pay auy one to look in Jacobs & Allmand's store window, Washington Block. Owen Gallager, an old resident of Hamburg, died last Sunday -with stornach trouble. A watermelon was carved at Everett & Barney's store luesday. The fruit had been left in the cellar unknown to the proprietors. The melon had kept very nicely. One firm bas shipped ten carloads of beans, besides a numbei of loads of wtíeat and rye and five tons of turkeys f rom Hamburg within a few weeks. Rev. R M.Beach, assistant minister of St. Andrew's chnrch, was advanced to the preisthood Wednesday. The servce was held in St. Pauls' church, Detroit. A student's directory has just been issued by S. A. Moran, copies of which may be procured at the Register office. It is an improvement on former issues and is a needed directory of value to our merchants and others. The Ann Arbor railroad shops at Owosso were burned to the ground Monday night. Fred Pease was taken out of the ruins dead, while Fred H. Kennydiedat 11 o'clockthat night frorn burnts received. The loss reaches $12.000, with $8,000 insurance. An announcement that will bring consternafcion to many hearts is to the effect that the railroads will make uo great reduction to students for the holidays. Last year the students could get to Chicago and return for $4, but this year they will have to part with $8.90 in cold cash for that trip. That is but a criterion of other rates. During November the county treasurer paid out the following amounts for sparrow orders: Ann Arbor city, $5.26; Ann Arbor town, 44 cents ; Manchester, 72 cents ; Pittsfield, $1.24; Sylvan, 32 cents; Ypslanti, $1.48; making a total of $16.56. For the month of Ootober, $20.35 was paid out for sparrows, of whioh $9.21 went to Sylvan. The Aon Arbor Organ Cornpanys' uew factory is iu numing oidor. Frank Miuuis is tbe autbor of a new and successful piece of music entitled, "Newsboys ou Parade." The announeemeut that Co. A. wants 25 ïocruts comes oh the heels of the war scare. Sposo ic'Jl get 'ein? The A. O. H , at their aunnal meeting ou Wednesday eveuing elected the following ofHoers: President, Edward Duft'y; vice president, V. "J. Sheeban ; recordiug secretary, C. T. Donnelly; fiuanoial seore'ary, M. ,T. O'Brieu; treasurer, D. J, Malloy; sergeant at arms, James O'Kane. Marshal Peterson is iu receipt of a letter from tbe .Tackson runaway couple, in whioh they tnank him for his arrest of theru, (for by it their marriage with the oonseut of tbe nld folks, was made possibe) and state that they are now of the belief that his services in a similar case wiU never again be wanted. Walter Dan oer, having removed from Lima to this city.has re.sigued his position as supervisor from that township. It is stated that Lima seetns to be a bood oo in the way of supervisors, and that in thirty years ten men only have served ont the time for which they were elected. The others moved away or died. Mr. Danoer's successor is Masón Whipple, a repnblican, which makes the board 15 democrats and 14 republicans. It is a good plan to pnt special delivery stamps ou Christmas packages.' It secures their being treated as first class mail, being put in paokages instead of sacks, and of their being delivered wheu they reach their destination, relieviug the recipients of calling at the postoffice for them. It also hastens their passage, especially in the crowded condition of the mails at Christmas time, as packages bearing speoial delivery stamps are always handled first. The reoent New York success, "Lost - 24 Honrs, " a three act society oomedy, with' Mr. Robert Hilliard in the leading part, will be tbe attraction at the Opera house next Monday evening, Deo. 23. The scènes of this new comedy are laid in New York city. Mr. Hilliard's role is that of a clubman whose adventures créate gennine amusement. The oharacters in the pieco have been drawn with much firmness and originality, with no littleingenuity displayed in the coustruction of the piece. The stage settings will be unusally handsome. Goethe Commandery, No. 28, U. F. of M., eleoted the following officers last night: Post commander, Adolph Schmidt; commander, Herman All-, mendinger; vice commander, Geo. ! Baur ; corresponding secretary, Geo. Allmendinger; recording secretary. Mr. Soheiïold; treasnrer, L. Gruuer; medical examiner, Dr. Wessinger; prelate, Mrs. Mayer; marshal, August Kowalski ; warden, Jas. Hutohen ; iuside guará, Wni. Kiercher; outside guard, Mr. Duslitff; . Ptowart, Wm. Kaercher; The trustees are Chas. Gruner, J. Trojanowski and Chas. Binder, Jr. The case of William Whalen vs. the Michigan Central railway was commeuced yesterday in the circuit court. Whalen was engineer of the Michigau Central train which, Ooiober lii, 1893, met in rear end collision, a train at the Tackon depot, kilug a large number of passengers. Whaleu was discbarged. He was hurt internally and still has a badly swoüen leg as a reduit of the collison. He claims that thecollitiion was caused by the air brákes uot working, and by the uon-use of the of the block system, which allowed his train to puli in too soon, before the other train had left. The snit is brought for damages. St.Mary's choir of Chelsea, was reiuforced Jast Sunday by Miss Kinney, of Ann Arbor, who is a singer with a finely cultivated voice. Miss Kinney sang at the offertory, Millard's "Ave Maria," and she thrilled the large congregation by her exquisito rendeiing of the beautiful piece. In the evening she favored the congregation with an O Salutaris, which she also sang in splendid style. Miss Kinney'a voice is remarkable for its dulcet quality. Miss Burns, the organist, accompanied the singer in her usual brilliant style. Böth ladies were hospitably entertaiued by Mr. and Mrs. Caarles E. Whitaker. - Chelsea Herald. Ann Albor lotlge, No. 27. A. O. LT. W. , celebratod its eighreenth auniver sary Tueaday night by thercudering of a fiue program. The ladies of St Thomas' chnrob netted 65 by a social Tuenday eveuinjí, held for tiie benefit of the Orphansj hoine iu Dotroit. The mayor haa vetoed the resolution of tho conncil uuthürizng the board of public works to parchase 14 flash tank syphons at a cost not to ezoeed $o00. The Ladies of the W. R. O. gave Mrs M. Doig a vory pleasant surprise Wednesday eveiug in her n$w home, aud presented her wtih a very haudsome set of Havilaud China fruit plates. Louis Detling, of Froedom, was lodg ed in jail Wednesday afteruoou sufferiug froia a uieutal aberration. He had carried the mail between Chelsea and Freedum for three years, previous to laai July. Jonathan Spragne feil downstairs at the resideuoe of his son-in-law, L. C. Goodrich, on E. Williams street, Tuesday night. His right ear was cut tbrough, and his face badly lacorated. His hip was badly bruised. The injuries will confine hirn to his bed for several days. Fred Shall, a clerk at Mack & Co's. general store, feil from a step ladder wiiile decorating a Christmas tree for a wiudow display Wednesday night, strikiug his back across the ladder. He was uuable to rise and had to be taken to his home in a ahek. He was resting comfortably yesterday afternoon and it was not thought he was as badly Irurt as at first reported. Jackson county has been shipping ber poor to this city, for tJse purpose of avoiding the expense of their care, but as they are sent on, the expense to onr citizens is minute compared with that just being incurred in the trial of a case now in progresa in the oircuit court, which justly belongs to Jackson county. It is the case of Whalen vs. The Michigan Central for damages in cured in the city of Jackson in the wreek of the Michigan Central train during the World's fair. It is a long winded case and it has been estimated by competent judges will cost this counj ty $2,000. The only thing which permits the case to bebroughtin this county, is the fact that the Central runs through the county. The case properly belongs to Jackson county where it should have been brought. Prejudice was originally nothing more than a judgment formed beforehand, the character of such jadgments beiug best iudicated by the present meaning of the word. The división of time into months and weeks is so old that its origin cannot possibly be ascertained.


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