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The Sin Of Fretting

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There is one sin which it seems to me is every-ivbcro and by everybody underestimated, and quite too much over looked in valnations of character. It is the sin of fretting. It is as common as air, as speech, so common that tmless it rises above its usual monĂ³tono we do not even observe it. Watch any ordinary coming together of people, and see how muny minutes it will te before somebody frot.s - that is, makes more or lees complaiu.'ng statement or something or other which probably every one in the room, or in the car, or the street Dorner, it inay be, knev? before, and probably nobody can heJp. Why say anything about it: It is cold, it is hot, It is wet, it is dry ; somebody has broken an appointment, ill cooked a meal ; tnpidity or bad faith somewhere bas resulted in discomfort. There are plenty of things to fret about. It is simply as tonishing how much annoyance may be ionnd in the course of every day's living, even at the simplest, if one only fceeps a sharp eye out on that side of things. Even Holy Writ says we are prone to trouble as sparks fiy upward. Bnt even to the sparks flying upward, in the blackest of smoke, there is a blue iky above; and the less time they waste on the road the sooner they will reach it. Fretting is all time wasted on the


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