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Will Steal No More

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Chicago, Deo. 19.- "Canght by na Elevator" is the epitaph which will most fitting'.y describe tho etuling of Hugh Me Canil, late burglar, if friends of tho deád man desire to erecc a toinbstone over nis remains aud inscribo the same truthl'ully and charifably. McCauü's last exploit was to enter the store of G. W. Hoof, 27J Soutli Water street. Ignoran t of the topography of the store, he made the fatal mlBtake of supposing that the window of the elevator ghaft would give hiru entrance to the basement. Forcing tho wiro screen which barred tho window, he had managed to crawl through the apertura and waa ftunbling aroimd in the glimmer of a lighted match when ho stumbled against tho wire ropo eonneoting with tho elovator overhead. Cruslied iris Life Out. Whether the noise of the desconding elevator was simply mistaken by the wretched man for the sound of an alnrmed watehman, or whefchoi' he realized that its descent moanC a more deadly peril will never be knowa. Iu any case, certain it is that ho sougiit safety by flight, and had already gaineJ the brokon window screen by which he had ontered, when the desconding cagu caught his body, already halfway out of tlie window, slowly draggjpd it f rom the wlndowsiU, pinned it against the cellar wall, and crushed it to death. When James Dolan, the night watehman, on his early rounds VVednesday morning discovered the protruding arm hanging out of the cellar window, the lifeless boily of the burglar told the rest of the story.


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