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Shreveport, La., Dec. 19.- Theodore S. Wiikinsou of New Orleana called the state Democratie conventioa to ordor Wednesday morning. ïhere was a full atteodanoe of delégate. A complete state ticket will bo nominated. Governor J. M. Foster, whosa term expires next May, will be renominated. Ex-Governor McEnery has a gooil deal of support among j tho delegatee, but the fact that his boom was not started until most of his real frionds had pledged themselves has made his nomination impossiblo. One of his frionds, moreover, has a lotter from him in which he posltively and emphatlcally refused to be considored as a candidate, saying that he would not accepc tho nominación il tendered to him. There is a warm contest for secrotary of stata between W. H McLendon, ox-sucrotary of Che senate, and a fíeld of half a dozen other candidatos; while W. H. Hargrove has the whole of north Louisiana behind him for tho office of state superintendent. The platform will give a general indorsement of the national administration.


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