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Did He Love But Once?

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There are wonen in this advanced age of civilizatiou who are ready to hinder the efforts of reform ers to abolish the funeral pyre of the Hindoo. A memorial meeting was held a few days ago in honor of a man who had been prominent in public work. His formar colleagues and intimate friends filled the large platform. Among them sat his widow, weeping sileutly under her crepe veil. One after another the orators of the occasion laid tributes of eloquence at the altar of his memory. One, more inspired and with a longer speech than the rest, followed the Listory of his Hfe from the time of his birth, "in the tronblous days when all Europo was aghast at the sight of Napoleon striding over the ruins of empires to a universal throne. "But the most important evcnt of his lif e, " he coutiuued, "happened at a later date. It was at a faucy bal! that he met, as he afterward said, the flrst and only love of his life. He was there disgtrised as a highlander. "What?" he wliispered s some ene tugged at his coat, but ,t ttiiig uo reply, he weut ou - "And Ihe lady of bis choicewasi. re there was another tng - "was dressed as a 'i .: cigaretto girl. After a sbort conrtship they were m&rried. " He thi-u contitmed the eulogy of the youthful brida of i i d oeased in extravagant teriaa. x, sat down a neighbor orator whispered, "You forgot his widow. " 'üh, no, I didn't. I gave her a good send o ft'. " "Good heavens!" exclaimed the


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