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Corrosion Of Metals By Water

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The peculiar statement is made by M. Bauchier in Le Revue Maritime et Colouiale that corrosión of rnetals by water rnay be caused by the action of micro-organisms present in particular harbors, but absent in the ocean. It appears that the fact, as ascertaiued, of pure aluminium plates immersed in Norfolk Roads being badly corroded at the end of three months, while in France commercial aluminium subjected to the same test was practically untoucbed, and two plates attached to the bottom of a ship were uninjured after a voyage around the world, led him to investígate the sea water from different places, with the following results, as etated: If introduced into boilers, the Mediterranean water, which eontuins more aalt than the Atluutic water, causes more damage ; so does the water taken from estuaries andnear the shore, whiuh contains a larger proportion of niérates from fermentiug orgauic matter. The destrnotive power of the shore water is Krach reduced, however, if it be sterilized by rueans of boiling.v


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