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Christmas Attractions!

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A BIG SALE AT THE BUSY STOKE OF SCHAIRER & MiLLEN Don't waste any of your money. Econoraize" and save it. You certainjy can do so buying useful presents from us. Buy a Silk Dress or 5 yards of Fancy Silk for a Waist. , We place on sale 500 yards Fancy Silks, the 75c kind, for 50c per yard. _ftl 20 inch Black Satin llhadame, worth $l.Oo, 10 yards MkféÊ& . 24 ii'ch BlVck Figured Silks, worth $1.00, 12 yards . JjEL W Black Satine Duchesse,worth $1.25, 14yds. for $12.50. sf'fii MwKiu_ 50 Dress Patterns, 7 yards each, Scotch Mixed Suit■JaHra BÉ ings, at $1.69 a patteru. 'L7&w!lBÈ mL !s Dress Patten? s, Plain and Fancy Suitmgs, at 'Y lSÊÊr fland o-ïie PlaVs at 25c, 39c and 50c a yard. 8F 50 pieces J5Hek and Colored all wool Serges, 25c a yd. 25 pieces BlauK anti Colored 45 inch Wool Serges at 39c a yard. 50 inch Storm Serges and 50 inch FrencU Serge3, the 75c kiLd, 50c a yd. Christmas Aprons. The greatest Bargains in Aprons ever offered. 50 Dozen Gingham Aprons with border at i2jc each. 50 Dozen Large White Muslin Aprons at 12 ]zc each. 25 Dozen Lad'es French Embroidered Aprons the 50c kind at 25c each. 10 Dozen Very Pretly Dress Aprons Trimmed with Lace at 50c each. FEATHER BOAS and COLARS , %_ ;;::'s:v Christmas we have them at 48c, 75c y$$( CHRISTMAS UMBRELLAS in Silk JJfcwf" J KID GLOVES for Christmas at 49C,IJ Pg )k Chrisfcijias LjHSkT Maijclkerchieis-0102 JJ WFrZlJ% A Great Sale commencing Friday ÊC$!]m-. - VPah' ing, December 13. A Stock of over riK &' $2,000 purchased for this sale. HANDKERCHIEFS for Ladies. Handkerchiefs for Men. Handkerchiefs for Children. The Greatest Variety ever shown in Ann Arbor. You are all invited to attend this sale. SlflAlBii & MILlijl.w p. 1


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