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The whole nnmber of patients enrolled in the University hospital betweeu Sept. ƍGandDec. 20 of tb is year was 554. Of this number 285 were oared for in the building. The average nuinber of patients reinaining in the hospital over night was 70, the highest number having bc;n 79 and the lowest 54. That the hospital is greatly crowded is show n by the fa-J that its capacity is supposed to be 60, 24 in each of the two wards, aud 12 in pr.'vate rooms. The extra sleeping was accomodated by putting in new oots, and rooms were greatly crowded in conseqneuce. Since Oct. 1 the operations have been as follows: 21 on the abdominal cavity, 0 for appendioitis (all of which were suceessful), 25 for the removal of cataracts, 5 cases of aneucieation and one hip joint amputation. Ont of the 554patients treated, seven only have died. Two died subsequent to an operation.two died after arrival at the hospital, their diseases too far along to admit of an operatio j, two were oases of consnmpt'on, one died of chronic nervousjtrouble. The hip joint amputation was performed on a man named Bassett froni Petoskey, and was very successfnl. The valne of instruction in the inedioa) department is probably greater thau iu auy similar school in tho cruntry, for tbe senior medies are afforded an opportunity to take charge of patieuts frotn the timethey enter the hospital, until they are discharged couvalescent, of course under the eye and care of the instructora. During the week previons to vacation business crowded so tbat thero were five snrgical elimos, aDd one was held as late as ten o'olock at night.


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