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Calls Them Down

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The Grass Lake News geos after the "Meroantile Union Co." with a pair of f=Vin tight boxing gloves. What it says about Grass Lake may be applieI able to Ann Arbor, although any such i working of the concern desoribed in this I city has not come to our notice: A concern calling itself "The Mercantile Union Company," which burrows in both Philadelphia and C jioago, spends its timo trying to forcé people by threats into paying old outlawed aooouuts. They have sent their oirculars to anudry parties here in Grass Lake, j dectaving if they did not pay claims alleged to be due a firm that did busiI ness here ten years ago, that they wonld sue for said claims, adve"tise them, ; garuishee, post up notices to bring the I alleged creditors into disrepute, etc. jNow, this is all bluff, and anybody I who will pay an old, outlawed claim beoanse of such threats, is a fooi. These business ghouls, who thus seek to dig up the carcasses of old forgottej, moss covered acoounts, will not spend a oeufc in newspaper advertising of such claims for three reasons: (1) They wóuld be amenable for damages ior wanton defatuation of character; (2) they would squander no inorey in that way even if they had it; (8) they conld net no newiiaoer to publish that a man owed an acconnt which by limitation the law sas he does not owe, as sueb paper oonlil be made to pay heavy damages. These skulkers talk in their printed circulars abont havinj "onr attorney in your city" proceed in a soit against those they try to bluff, when anybody with a thiiubleful of brains kuows that no lawyer would nndertake to collect what is uncoDectable. Another thiug. these meu in sending ,'hwr tbreats thi-ough the mails viólate the Uuited States postal Jaws and could be puuished for it. The things who ate running this business scallawagism do not put their names on circulars they send to their dupes, but we have asoertained who they are.


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