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Take au ordinary tnmbler and pour water info it t√Čntil it is three-quarters fnll. Then carefnlly -wipe the edgo of the glasn, so tliat it may be perfectly dry bef ore yon begin yonr little experiment. Place upen llie top of the glass, as ix' ycm intended to protect the tents from dust, a playiiig card made of good, firm paper, with the priuted figure turnad dowu toward the water. The card rnust be large enough to extend just over the edge of the glass all aronud. Let the card reinain on the glass for half an houv or so, aud you will then see tbat the moist vapor risiug from the liquid bus cansbd the card to swell or arch in the center. Theu take the card carefully by oae of its coruera aud replace it on the glass, with the arched side reversed. Having ent out of paper the figure of a little man, aud iuserted it iu a slit iu I the top of a vial cork, place the cork ! carefuily npon tb center of the card ! and wait. Presen tly the %moist vapor will niake the card swell in the opposite direction, and, with a littlo clap, up will flv your ruanikiu and your cork ! into the


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