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There are somo very aristocratie telephone owners in the city, but a studyof the telephone directory supplied for the use of the general public does not reveal this faot. This is done purposely. It is no use getting mad if, when you ask ior Mr. Crcesus Vanderbilt's telephone nuniber the girl at tlie other eud asks if you don 't know it. Wheu yon say that yon don 't know it or try to fooi her and gay you did have it, but lost the memorandum, she will auswer back, "We caunot give you Mr. Crcesus Vauderbilt's house unless you know the number.M The fact ot it is the girl would be breaking strict mies of the cornpauy if she gave tln.s information. There are a good inaiiy rai Ilion aïs and prominent society families whctiavé telephones in their residences, bat thoy are for private use. Only the of Ihe head of the house and a few other persons know the number. The ruisiress of the mansion leavei; the number with hor frieuds, and iii es:haugereceives their numbers. She a3so leaves her ïinruberwith the head of the hospital where she happens to be on the mauaging ccmmittee. This exclusive system is adopted in order that outsiders cannot annoy Mr. Millionaire by riuging him up on the telephone. The men who have telephones put into their palaces do so with the proviso tbat their names and telephone uumbers shall not appear in the


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