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Romance And Death

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Des AIotxes, Deo. 35.- Walter Soott, a foung business man, and -Miss Clara Dawson eloped Tuesday afternoon and Wure piarried. An hour after Soott went to the honiB of the girl's parents to get soino ot her possessions and hor father shot hlm threu limes, kilJiug Mm instantly. : Scott was a young maa of excellent cJiaractor, '1 years oíd, The girl is the daughter of S. R. Dawson, who after many years of investigation, discovered a process for the productio'n of Damascus pteel and secored capital in a strong company to control the ouiput. The love of the young' couplo had beeu desperately opposed fruin tlie flrst by Mr. Dawson aud they came to the conclusión that an elopement was the only ineans of ever bocoming married. So Tuesday afternoon the girl lett her home, saying she was going down town to do some shopping. She went at once and mot Scott and they were inarried at 3 o'clock by Justice of the Peaco Salvara Bride Made a Widow by Oer Father. After iIib marriagü Soott took his wife to a hotel and went to her home to gei some of her belongihgs. He went first to the pólice station and asked that an officer be sent with him. üffl;:or Duval was detailed. They went at onco to the flat occupied by the Dawsons, and were admitted. Davsin looked nervous and excited. When Duval explained the object of the visie he said that the girl's clothing was not there. Duval insisted that it was and that he must have it, but was again refused. Then he and Duval turned to go, Scott going out ahead of the officer. As they were near the door Duval looked around and saw Dawson drawing a revol.ver. The next instant it had been flred and the bullet was in Scott's body. The officer became panic-stricken and. instead of mnkirg an effort to stop the shootmg, got out of the way. Cold-Blooded and C owardly Murder. Dawsim stepped to the prostrate form of Scott and shot three times inore. Two of the bullets took effect; the last was shot mto the prostrate man's head, entering behind the ear into the brain. Dawson stooped over him with the utmost deliberation as he flred, and death was instantaneous. Duval was afraid to arrest Da+8oaand wout away. Dawaon went into the room and locked the door. A detail of officers came in ten minutes and took Dawson to thecounty jail. He mado no resistance. Tha girl, after waiting for Bome time for Scott to return, went to tho home of his parents, and was there when the nbws of Scott' s death came. When a newspapor man went to the house he fouml tb; mother completely broken down, weeping and in hyscerics; the girl, palé as a ghost and almost ready to faint, was bravely trying to confort her.


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