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Judge Lynch Shows His Head

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i he trasrody is the only topic of conversation. .There has been general talk of lyncliinsc and extra guards have been stationed at rVïe jail. It is not thouglit there is serious danger of trouble Ín this quarter. A year and a half ago. Scott feil in laye with the girl. Her fatber opposed the match and did everything in his power to prevent a marriage. The girl deciared Bhe would marry Scott and her f ather eomplainod that she was insane. A hear ing was had and her father testifled to prove her insanity. The board, knowingr nothing of the father's motives, found the girl insa'ne and sent her to the state aeylum at Mounc Pleasant. Scott learned that she had been sent there. Hr appaaled to the charifable organizations of the city and aucceeded in securine: her discharge. Scott went to the asylum to meet her when she was to be released, but her father was there also, and took custody of her on the ground that she was not of age. He brought her back to this city and lorbade her socing Scott. Notwithstanding this they met irequently in a clandestino way, and the fathor learned that they were planning to be married He then took the girl to Chira.tco and placed her in a convent. After much trouble she mnnagcd to get a letter to Scott. He went to Cnicago and spent threi; days trying to get to her. At last he saw her at a windo%v, and she toid him to go to the mother superior nd try to get her out. Scott did so, told the story, and the mother deciared sho could not keyp the girl lougeT, as she was pining away and fast losing her strength. She would not release the priri, höwever, till her father COttld bc simt for. He cime and again took the g rl away from Scott. Dawson bried to have Soott arrestod in Chicago, inil succeededin having the polico shadow hlm for soine time and flnally take him into custody. Scott told theni his story and he was released. The girl was taken from Chicago to Ohio and placed in a school. She again wrote to Scott, and although he was not able to go to her, she at last secured her release and her father took her back to her home. Alter a short time she was taken to Keokuk and placed in the house of a friend of, the D,iv,son family. Again she wrote to Scott and he went at once to Keokuk. He went direetly to the house tvherc she was and thu girl, as soun as Bha saw him, rushed into his arms. They planning to go at once and be married, faut bef ore they could lea ve the house, i-vrn while the prirl was still in the arms of her lover, a federal olHcer arrived and nrrested Scott on a warrant eharginu him wkh sending the girl obscene letters. Scott protested his ïnnocence, but was brought back to Moines, and the girl was at the same time brought to her home by lier father. Scott gave bonds. The warrant forjhis arrest had been sworn out by Dawson, ind on prolirninary exiuninafion Scott casily provecí hi innoeence and WM at onco released. Thu day after his release he went to che pólice station and askml rhat an officer be seut with him to thu aome of the girl. Ho said she was con(ined tbere and he wanted an officer to proloct iiim iroin her father. Ue went wtth the es-.'frt. The jorM was called out aceomp.-mioi hy hor fathar. IfScotr remiudeii her that sho was now of agre, aud wantod to fcnow if she wotilc go and be raarried to hiin. She hesitatec and Built sho oould nol with hor paront opposlng. Sho was flrin, and Scott won away disconsolato, bat not diacouraed Scott was far frum giving up, and, al though the girl had refusud to marry hin thoy met froquently, at last agreec to elopo.


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