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Washington, Doe. 25.- The Kepublican members of the ways and mcans committee held another conference yesterday afternoon and decided upon sevoral changes in the two revenue bilis which will be introduced in the house touiorrow. The most important change ia the tariff bill was to drop the clause putting cereal bread stuffs, live stock and dairy producís at an advanoe of 25 per cent. over the Willson-Gorman ratos, so that these features will simply have the 15 per cent. advaaee under the horizontal olause. It was also decided to advance carpot wools to the MeKinley bill rates, but othër wools and manjafactured products of wools will remain at 63 per cent. of the McKinley tariU aceording to the first agreement. 'Cht other change was to exempt sugar irom the provisión of the clause for a horizonal advauce of 15 per cent. In the bond bill the principal issue authorizod will be with a change of the rates of interest authorized by the act of 1875 f rom i per cent, to 3 per cent., and these bonds will be payable at the option of the government after three years. The rate of interest for the one-year treasury certifleates of indebtedness was niised from 2 per cent, to 3 per cent. This bill will also provide for the teniporary isolation of the greenbacks, so that they will be held separate in the treasury and not included with the general assets of the erovernment. Several important considerations oporatod to bring about the changos in the tarilï bilí. Thore has been little doubt from the beginning that sugsr would be exeinpted from whatever tariff changes were made, because any attempts to alter the schedule Would give rise to complications. The decisión to drop farm products and cattle trom the list of duties to bc advaneed wlU cause much disappointment among the western men, but so ínuch trouble arose over the settlement of these items that it was thought best to drop their consideration. An effort was made to háve iron and steel and their products given an advame, but it met the oppositionot'r.ho western men and wmao,;doned, its abandonment also havingsomethitig to do with dropping the live stock and cereal ad van ces contomplated. The iron and steel interests argued that they should be equally favored with the farmers. Members of the committee state emphatieally that theso bilis are not intended in any way to represent Republican policies on the tarilï or flnance; they are merely temporary expedients to meet an emergency, the Republicans holding that the emergency is caused by an insufficiency of revenue. Chairman Dingley had a conference with Secretary Carlisle over tho bilis. Both bilis will be reported to the house toniorrow with a rule giving that day tor debate on the tariff bill with a vote at the close and Friday for debate on the bond bilí, bringing that to a vote Friday night.


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