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Warlike Venezuela

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Nkw Yohk, Dec. 25.- A special to The World from Caracas, Venezuela, says that ! In connection with the repudiation by i President Cresjjo of an interview cabled to London in which he was quoted as ! Baying that the arrest of British pólice on the disputed torritory by Venezuelan soldiers was distinct from theboundary question, "the editor of The Prejonero, Leon Ponte, ha3 been put in prison for having reproduced tTie interview here. The government will refuse to England indemnity in any form for the Yuruan affair, claiming that tho sovereignity of the territory is involved in the incident. The government has denied any extensión of time for tho Hastings Venezuela bank concession. The militia have been Daüed for service by executive decree. This enrolla evory male citizen. Christmas will see the grandest public manfestation in the history of the country for the purpose o; expr.ssing the gratitude of Venezuela to the United States. It will be also a demonstration against England. Calis on AH ontU Ainerica. "The city of Curacas is decorated with American and Ventzuelan colors. Thirty thousand people will parade through the streets of the city. Tho archbishop, other members of tho clorgy, and men, nomen and children will particípate. During the procession the church bells will be rung. At night chere will be general illumninv tions. Tho American residents will meet to arrangs for expressing acknowledgements and returning Venezuelan courtesies. The society for the defense of the national territury appeals to the civilized world in a manifestó agiinst England. An important cabinet meeting has just been held. Tho govermnant has cabled to all the South and Central American república to sustain Venezuela against England. Will Boycott Ens lish Goods. Every morchunt lias decided to boycott English goodc. Newspapers request ideas to put into practico in the defense of the country. The Prejonero offers a prize of ldO bolivars, and say t the prize plan will be adopted. Delegations of enthusiastic Venezuelans continue to cali on tho American minister and thank him for the stand taken by the United States government. The excitement is increasing.


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