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For Hoarseness. Benj. Ingerson, of Hutton, Ind., says he had not spoken above a whisper for months, and one bottle of Foley's Honey and Tar restored his voice. It is used very largely by speakers and singers A. E. Mummeiy, druggist, Ann Arbor. Children Cryfor Pitcher's Castoria. Ta'r; has no show with Dr. Miles' Pain Pilis. AH ?uggists sell Dr. Miles' Nerve Piasters. When Baby was sick, we gave her Castoria. Wlien she was a Child, she cried for Castoria. When she became Miss, she clung to Castoria, When she had Children, she gave them Castorl, Estáte of Merchant H. Goodrich. STATE OF MICHIGAN, COUNTY ul Witshtonav, sü. Ata sessionof the Probate Court for toe County oí Washtenaw, hol'lPn at. the Probate Oöice in the city of Aun Arbor, on Wedneaday, the lPth day of December, ïd the year onr thoiutand pjpht hundred rvnri ninety-Sve. FrePcnt, J . Willaid habbitt, Jude of Probate. In the mntter of the estáte of Merchant II, Goodrich deceased, Noab W. OhevOr and Joscph H. Vanee the special administraton cótno into court and represent that they are now preraredto reader their final account as such special administi atora' Thereupon it is ordered, ihut Tuesday, the I4IV1 day of January, next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon be assined tbr examininpand allowing such account, and that the devifcees, legaten s nul heirs at law ol said deceueod, and all otber persore iniereatedin said eatate are required to appear at a session of tm!3 conrt, then te bc holden at the Probate Office in the city ot Ann (Aïbor, iu sakl county. .nd show cuuse, if any tbere be, why the said account sbould not bc allowed. And it ïs further ordered, that said administrator give uotice to the persons tntereated in said bstate of the pendency üf said account and the hearing there-f. by ösuslng n copj of thi ordéYtobe published in tïie Ann Afbou Argus, h newspaper piintedand ?irculatinj[ in said county, three succesaivc "weekw previous to said day of Ueuring. J. WILLARD BABRITT, [A truecopy.] Jadgeof Probate, Wm. (-i. Doty. Probate Register Estáte of Caroline eathers. STATE OF MICHIGAN, COUNTy Ot Vu9hteuaw, BS. Vtneesgionoi tiie Probate Cou't iur iïie (Jouiit of Washieumr, olden at ihe rfl-aie OSice iïi tL? OU 3 pt mui .Vibor, on Wedttcflday, the 18tb day of December, in the yearone tbousand eight hundred and ninety-flyo. Pc.-efcnt, J. WiUard Hnhïit, Jude 01 J'io -. Ji the matter of l'ue estftt ■ of Ciroiine Penthera, deoeaaed, On reading and flling the petition, duly verifie i, of l'.'i' ín i;. Doane, pi tïiug thal the adtni - it mtion of said esto' e my be grauted to Mat the w Si i, or .-o me tlier suitabie pursoD. en non it is 1 pdered that Momluy, the 13th dav of Januarv uext, ut reu o'olock ïnlhetoie noou, beasM&oed lor thebcttringof &aiü peti(ion1 and that the heirs at luw of 8aid dece-ist'l, and all other persone interesttd in snid estáte, are reQuire- t'1 appear ut :i RcdfllOn of s;nd cuurt, then tobe bolden nt the probate office, 1d ihecitym nn Arbor. und show cau.-c, ifiiny tb re be,wiiy the praver of the petitlouei Sbould i otbegranted. And it is further ordored, that said petitiouerjíive notice to the persons Intre&ted in said estáte, of the 1 ;Mi(lencv ot BHid petition, aml tlie baring tbeteof by crtnsiní a copy of ihia order to te ))U iilr.-hei in the Ann Arhor Argos, a newspapor printed and circula: ed In suicï coituty. tlireu buoceseive weelcn previooa tsiiid day 'f beariog'. J. WI-LLARD BABIUrr, Judee of Probato. (A fniecopy.) Wii-LiAM Ci. íoTY, Probate IlcgiBter. Commissioners' Notice. OTATE OP MICHIGAN, COUNTY of Washtenaw The undersined haviue bc.'n ippoiuted by the Probate Court for said County, cotmnissioneis to ret-eive, examine and adjust all claims nd demanda of aW persona againat the estante of Jacob lïoffsteter late of said cotnty, decefjecï, hertby five notice tbat aix niontha from dute are ullowd, by urder of said Probate Court, lor c redi tors to present their claims againstthe eatuteof baii t eceased, and that thcy wil! meet at the Si ore of Goodspfed &, Son, in thrCityof Ann Arbor. ín said county, o the 241 h day of Kebruary. and ou the 22nd oay of Muy, next, at ten o'cïock a. m. of each offid davi to receiv, exaniiu1 and ii'liuat Baid claims. Dated November 22n1, ISO5 D O. HOODPEED. WILLIAM ARN' I.D L.'onimissiont.r8


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