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Edward Butler, of Milwaukee, is spendiiiK the holidays witb Mr. aud Mrs. J. L. Babcuck. Heury Walker is home from Ainherst, "where ho is a theological stndeiit, Bpcndiug the vaoation with his mother, Mrs. Ann Walker, of lugalls street. J. W. Beahan aud Miss Francés .T. Wiut, of Ypsilanti, were married reseutly at Windsor, Ónt. Theyhave set np their household goods at 7 MUler ave. D. A. Tinker aud family speet Christmas with relatives in Jackson. Mr. aud Mrs. Geo. S. Vandawalker spont Chmtruas with the forine 's mother ac Soath Lyon. Sam Henne visited a sister at Marshall, Christmas Chas. F. Dietas, spendïng the holidays with his parents. Mr. and TMrs. L. H. Clements spent Christmas day in Detroit. Mrs. B. St. James this week entertainad her father and mother, Capt. aud Mrs. C. A. Peltier, of Detroit. Miss Tillie Mutsohel, teacher in the JTliut schools, is spending the holiday vacation with her brother, Eugene Mntschel. Miss May Thompson visited friends in Owosso this week. Mrs. G. R. Williams, of Milan, visited her sister, Mrs. L. C. Goodrich, in this city. over Snnday. Mr. and Mrs. Roy S. McClure have gone to Sheboygan.Wis., to take charge of a hotel there. Miss Bessie McOmber, who teaches in the Alpena high school, is home for the faolidays. Nathan Keith and daughter, Hattia of Dexter, are guests for a time of Mr. and Mrs. Eugeue E. Beal, of Madisoa street Miss Amelia Keinp is spending the Xmas holidays with her paients, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Kemp, of Northfield. Henry Heffelfinger is spending the holidays with his parents at Reading, Pa. Miss Ethel Pnrdum spent Christmas at Cnillicothe, Ohio. Mrs. Henry Baringer and son, of Panfcher, W. Va., were the guests over Snnday of the Misses Mann, ot S. Maiu efcreet. Mrs. J. T. Jacobs and daughter Miss Clara, are spending the holidays with relatives at Colniubtis, Ohio. Dr. George Wnester, of Asbley, Iud., ïs being eutertained by her sisters, Mrs. Geo. H. Wild and Mrs. S. M. Braun. Mr. and Mrs. D. VV. Springer were in Chicago this week. Paul Schleanderer, of Grand Rapids, Hpent Christmas with relatives in the ity. Mr. ana Mrs. Engene Matchel this ■weck entertained the Misses Halda and Ida Mair, of Grand Ledge. Miss Fannie Lonise Gwinner is home from Grinuell, Ia., to spend the holidays witb her parents. Piof. A. C. Tagge, of Monroe, spent the week with Ann Arbor relatives. Spencer Sweet entertained thirtyeigbt suembers of the Sweet faniily at Christmas diuner. Mrs. Chas. Hutchins and children, of Batfcle Creek, spent the holidays with Mrs. Hntchins' parents, Judge and Mrs. Harriman. Miss Nellie Mingay is spending the Christiuas holidays with Fliut friends. Mrs. Dr. Hartley is visiting her daughter in Milwaukee. Mr. and Mrs. L. Miller spent Chrisfcmas in their old home at Nashville, Micfc. Prof. and Mrs. A H. Pattengill epent the holidays with Mrs. Pattengill's pareu ts in Grand Rapids. Dr. John B. Dowdigan, of Owosso, was ia the City Weduosday Mr. and Mrs. Geo F. Key and the Misses Gaffney,' attended the McFarlane- Woi'deti wedding in Ypsilanti Christmas eve. Mr. and Mrs. James Kearns are entertaiuing Dr. Wtn. Kearns, of Pittsbnrgh. Pa., and Mr. and Mrs. James Keariis, of Detroit. Miss Eiunrn Volz, of Detroit, was entertaiued Cbristmas by Mr. and Mrs. John Mnehlig. JnJius V. Seyler, of Detroit, is pending the holidays with bis mother in this city. Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Hendricks, of JjansÍDí, spent Thursday with Ann Arbor relatives. Henry Ridley and Earl Gasser, oC Cleveland, Ohio, are in the city for the bolíd&ys. Miss Hattie V. Haviland, of Wast Bay City, is a guest of Mr. and Mr.s. Gilbeit H. Rhodes. Eogune K. J?rueauff, of Owosso, was in the city Christmas day. Dr. W. H. Dorrance visited friends ïn Rines, Jackson connty, Wednesday. Miss Maggie Malloy, of Chicago, is visicing relatives in the city. C J. Mathews and wife, of Owosso, wero Christmas visitors in Ann Arbor. i Prcf. Chas. H. Covell, 1 tenfeiit of the St. Louis schools, is BpeiLS:ug a coulpe of days in the city. j


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