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Hackley Resigns

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A dispatch f rom Muskegon gives the infoiinatiou that Hon. Chas. H. Hackley, of Muskegon, who was electerl regent last spring, refnses to act, and has sent his resignation to Gov. Rich. It reads: "With very great regret I submit my resignation as regent of the nuiversity. I am deeply sensible of the obligation I am under to the people of this state for electing me to theresponsible office, and that no trivial reason ought to prevail with me in laying down at this time, the trust committed to me. Since my election, however, unforseen and nnavoidable datiesof a professional chaiacter have fallen upon me, which place it out of my power to meet and discharge the dnties of regent, with such fldelity, as in iny judgment, isdue to the people, to my associates and to the university. No otner course is open to rué, therefore, thau to place my resignation in yotir hauds at the earliest possible moment to thü end that the vaoancy may be filledasyour disoretion may direct. With sincere wishes for the increasing prosperity aud useful ness of the university, I reruain very truly youra, CHARLES H. HACKLEY. Mr. Hackley gave out at MuskegOD as the reason for his resigning that the manual training school project at Muskegon, of which he is the father, has assnmed such proportious that he cannot tak8 his time away from it. ' President Angelí was greatly surprised to learu last evening of Mr. Hackley 's reáignatiou. Letters frorn him Yithiu the past two months gave do hiut of auy suoh intentiou on his part. Mr. Hackley was the regent by whom it was thought mnch wonld be done for the university, when the repub'licans nominated him last spring.


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