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The War Is On

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The war cloud bas developed icto a oyclone and the reverberations of paper artiliery aie heard abroad. The dispute over the lock-up qnestion between Marshal Peterson aadSberiiï Judson has developed into "a late tuipleasanriiess" aud a, scare head. After Prosecnting Attorney Kaudall read the papers last Saturday he took bis pen in hand aud in a coinmunication tothe Times scored the marshal He said that the marshal had no business to the prisouers over wbich the row was precipitated and that Sheriif Judson did not deuy him the prisoners wben he went for theni last Satui-day morning. The marshal came back after the proseoutor and sheriff and said that the deputy acted in the capacity of the sheriff. The marshal sammed up as follows: "I was somewhat surprised when I first read Mr. Randall's article, but wben Í had concluded reading it my surprise had left me and I beoame intensely amnsed, as it appeared to me that the sheriff was trying to vindícate himself through the prosecutiug attorney whom be used as a speaking trumpet. "I regret tb ai such a matter must be settled through the papers, and that sucb conditions should arise. The officers of the oouuty aud city should work harmouiously in order to better the ends of jnstice. It shonld make no difference when a crime has been committed who makes the arrest so long as tha criminal is Dronght to justice. " After which summary dismissal of the prosecutor and sheriff aud raising kain the mighty bugle cali of freedom the marsbal desisted.


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