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History Of Ann Arbor's Name

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The old sleuth of the Times has discovered a man who kiiows all aboat the manner after which AnnArborwaa nained. This man, accordiug to the Tirnes' Christopher Colunibus, is Edward Dorriner, who resides in a shanty across from the oormty jail. Mr. Dorrrner saysthat thé rigbt name is "Haun's Arbor, "not" Aun Arbor,"and tl at bis father named the place after the followiug interestiug fashion. In 1823 six families carao from the east in search of land. Ainong them were Jndge Ruinsey aud Tames Allen. The wives of these men were üaïned j Aun and they were sisters-in-law. When they oaine here Mrs. Alleu was with child. A natural arbor was fonnd and here a little óne was nsbered into the world. Mrs. Rnmsoy was her attendaiu, aud the child being a girl was named Aun for her mother and annt. This made three Anus in the artor and üorrmer named the place aud wrote it on a stone, "Haun' sArbor. " Exactly why he prefixed tbe h was not knowu. Now the Mr. Dorrmer of the present geueration says he knows where this bonider is iu Lower Town aud that when the lamblets skip in the spriug time he is goiug to flnd it and sell it for a fabulous sum. Why then haa not Mr.Dormmer awakened from his trrmc:" long befo e aud "discovend" this stoue, or ie someoue busy carviug it for him?


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