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Protects Users Of "royal."

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[Chicago Tirues-HeraldJ The decisión of Jtidge Showalter in a receut case thac canje up before him sustains the claims of the Royal cornpany to the esclnusive use of the name "Boyal" as a trade mark for its baking powder. The special importance of thia decisión consists in the protection whieh it assures to the millions of consumers of Royal bakiug powder againat ' inferior and nnwholesome componnds. iThe excellence of thisarticleba ■ansed ! it to be highly esteemed and largely lused almost the world over.. lts high standard of quality harin" been always maintained, oonsuiners have come to ' rely implicitly npou the "Royal'' brand i as the most wholosoiae and efficiënt of i auy in the naarket. The cupidity of othér manufauturers is exeited by tbi8 high reputación and largo deinaud. Very few of tbe hundreds of baking powders on the market are safe to ! use. If their makers conld see them under the name of a weil knowri, reputabïe brand incalculable dumage would be done to the pnblio health by the deception. The determinación of j the Royal Baking Powdor Company to i profeet the users of the Royal baking powder agaiust imitators by a rigid proaecution of them ruakes such imitatious of its brandü estremely vare.


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