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Monroe Doctrine From The Democrat

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A Milán sophqmore while sleigh ridiug during the late frosty winter, had an ear bitten. Any girl who will do tliat will make a cross wife, depend on it. The Washtenawism-writer of the Argus thauks the Democrat íor a compliment and considera it "wortli carrying around in one's hat." The ism-writer is carrying something better in bis hat. Whut some editors carry in theirs(none sucn in Washtenaw) would f urnish object lessons in entomology. "Our Church," is the name of a wide awake Baptist paper, published in Adrián. The last naznber goes af'ter Hev. Washington Gardner asfollows: Whnt is the state of Michigan coming towhen with a minister of the gospel, as secretary of state. aThanksgiviugproclamation isso tecbnically manutactured as to leave out all mention of a supreme being?" Why, tbisis a falseandcaluminous charge. The secretary signed his name as plainly as it was possible to write it- WASHINGTON CiAKUNEE. Some unknown person reeen tly sent Rev. D. Ryan, of YpsflantL, a deck of cards- pertaaps as a Christmas present. The eider referred to it in his next serinon and remarked: I knew just what to do with it - I threw the cards iuto I the tire and theu weut and waahed my hands The eider is an intelligent gentleman and seemed to knovv that he was not ín possessioaof agood "hand" and drew out of the game. A 12 year oíd Niles boy got a hot sbower batt tfat seooped i square foot of skin fiorn hisback. An Ann Arbor doctor and his assistantsgot at hirn and patched the back with skin Irom the hides of other people and that is nouas well wrapped up a boy as though dressed in his own skin. The grafting process works, if follovved on a correct principie. The efforts of the scientists over at the University, to cure a hair lip by grafting ehiekea flesl) in the groove, provea disastrous. The fleah united quickly by "first in tention" and all went well tilf the fellow undertook to raise a mustache. when one side of liis nose grew hair and the other feathers!


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