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"War is on $$ FOR THE Month of January. Everything must go. Cost, no object. Ofer Ei)tire SÏock at Yoür OWi) Frice Sec what 9c, 19c and 29c wili buy for this month only: At 9c. At 9c, Worsted Dress Goods, worth 12Lc, 15c, 20c, at - - 9c Children's Vests and Fants, wortb 15c, 20c, 25c, at - 9C All Ladies' Hose, worth 15c and 20c, at - - - 9c Cliildren's Hose, wortb 15c and 20c, at - - 9C At 19c. At 19c. All of our 50c and 35c Serges at - - - - 19c Ladies' Jersey Vests and Fants, wortb 25c, at - - 19c Men's Sbirts and Drawers, wortb 35c, at . - - 19c At 29c At 29c. One lot of Ladies' Underwear, wortb 50c, at - - 29c One lot of Men's Underwear, wortb 50c, at - - 29c One lot of Cbildren'8 Underwear, wortb 60c, at - - 29c One lot of Ladies' Kid Gloves, worth 75c, at - - 29c PíÁ here are the Jlargaiijs for jolis Best Indigo Blue Frints at - - - - - 4c All 7c Frints marked down to - - - - 5c All Light Frints going at - - - - - 3c Baby Fiannel, wortb 8c, down to - - - - 4c Tennis Flannels, wortb 6c, going at 4c One bale of Brown Cotton, wortb 9c, at - 6c One case of Bleacb Cotton, worth 10c, at - - - 6c One lot of Handkerchiefs, were sold at 5c and 8c, going at 3c Remnants of Dress Goods, Prints, Ginghams, Cottons, Tablc Linens, Shirtings, Ribbons and Laces. Reraember, this is a genuine mark-down sale. We always keep our word, so come and secure some of the bargains. b7sT. JAMES


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