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My Lady's Hat

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Througli ni&ny a season'a eloud and sna And wïnd.and rain I've w i ds of fashion ron . And never h s my ; i m b lief In your fair iancios cátÍBed me grief. My dei '■'■ Won hos been sound ■id ipo ir: irts opon the groraid, And quito prottcted Jly mlnd h om haggard doubt Víht'U you've t:M.iayed to do without. In stranf?e and devious patiis v;hore yoa Have sought li:iuty I've foliowad, and a rösy view Ha l)ec:n swoet uty- ■ Determined ever to cdicire The fashion of my Jane's üttire. But novv, ah, now, that roaeate hne Too aurely dios. A hostile and '-clcctrio blue" Corrupta my eyes, And all uround, iniocting me, "Magenta" ragua wild and freo - "Magenta" shot with evcry shade Which erring man Has in hi.s wilJcst moments made Sinee abades began- 8uch shades es make the blood run oold And blanch the cheek of youug and old. In me tbey hi.f. so worked that, thin And palé, I send My checrful resignation in And "office" ond. I have no sight to follow more Mv lady's hat from door to door.


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