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Last Evening Of The Last Century

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On tre Jast cvomiig m uecemuw a Dunibpv ui ifce old and yonug of both sexes ■ 1 ai the old Assenibly hall. I . ■ ;u(i;:e tbe nnmbei oí ladies tü lv i.,.. 15 or 20 of whom were perfaaps npward of 50 years of age. Amoug thie last nuruber was old JMrue. V7oostep, widow of Geueral Wooster, killed iu the last war (Americau RevolntiOD). Tbis lady was betweeu 70 and 80 years old. Sho said she had not beeu at a ball boiore sinoe iha middle of the eighteeiith oentory, whioh was fifty years ago. She was, notwithstaudiug her age, very lively and cheerful in the ballroom, bnt conld not be prevailed npon to dauce. Suffer me liere to mention one inStanoe to i Ilústrate her mirth ou the occasion, which I think worth noticing, considenng her age. All the mnsioians, except the drummer boy, happeneiá to be absent from the room. The drummer bcgun to beat to cali tliem up. This venerable old lady got up and went to the drummer and requested him to play sorue of her favoiite tïirses which slie ineutioned. She theu asked him to play " Washington 's Maich. ' Upon whïcfa Isaac Beers, agod about 55, as I sÜould sappose, took hur by the haiul and maruhed across the room, taking the steps niited to the tnne. As tbia was done iu the proseuce of the greatcr part of those who were in the ruom it cimsed uiucli ruirih and applauso, which was ïuanifested by the usual uiauuex of


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