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One per ceat is added for collection on all taxes now. The ArliDgton hotel office has been repapered and painted. j?our gas barners iJlnminate ! the faoe of the conrt house clock.. John Bross, of Dexter, has tnonntnd four deer heads for Aan Arbor hunters. The flrst Sunday in Leut comes Febrnury 23rd. Kitster Süuday comes on ■ April 5th See the open letter in another column from Jacobs & Alland. That's plain, frank talk. Henry H. Walker' who is home froin Amherst, occupied bis brother's pulpit at Chelsea last Sunday. Mrs. Thos.. W. Palmer, of Detroit, sent $250 to the Womau's gym fund as a Christmas present. Ann Arbor Elks exaruined the depth, no, size, of Detroit horas last night, being entertained by the Detroit lodge. Two aldermen will have to be elected from the Fourth ward next spring, on account of the removal to St. Louis of Aid. Fergusun. George Halier, the jeweler, says that the weather was so bad Monday and Tnesday that'he sold Christmas goods to some Dexter and Chelsea folks by telephone. The Whalen damage case against the Michigan Central resulted Friday night iu a verdict for the plaintiff of ; $10,150. The case will go to the ; supreme court. Mail Carrier Chris Donnelly had a package of male, 11 lbs. in weight, arrive at hia home last Thursday. Chris, failed to deliver the package at the postoffice bat made a verbal report of ita arrival. Gov. McKinley bas written to Senator McMillen declining an invitaiton to speak before tbe students on Washington's Birthday. Very likely the view of his presidential aspirations, believes that speech is silver and silence golden. James N. Riley has pnrchased an interest in the Battle Creek clothing firm of Wadhains, Ryan Sr. Reule and left for that place Monday night. The new firm will be Riley, & Co. Mr. Riley will be a winner in Battle Creek, as he was in Aun Arbor. Staff Captain Gifford, of the oalvation Ariny, preached Sun-lay in tbe Baptist and Methodist chnrches. Last Saturday night a baby was "given away" - oonsecrated - at tbe barracks. A large crowd tnrned ont to see the service, under the impression that there would be a grand raffle for the baby. About ten days ago some sneak thief relieved a cloak pocket of 40 at a teachers' meeting ar. the high school. Saturday the money was found in the letter box at the high school building. The marshal had located the pocket book and told the man who bad it that he had better return it and avoid tiouble. The Michigan Alumnus for December was issned on Mouday. It contains a biography of Katherine Ellis Coman, of Wellesley college, with a hali tone picture aoompanyiug. Dr. Wm. F. Breakey's address before the Medical Alumni association last Juue is ooncluded and the magazine contains its usual grise of interestmg personal mentious. It is with regret that the Argus has ; j fco aunouuce the contemplated removal I i frorn this city of the Fergnson Cart & i Garriage Co., of which Aid. Ferguson is at the head. For some time Mr. Fergnson has feit that his looation ; wouid be more advantageous further west and he has decided to remove to St. Louis, Mo. The macbinery is being shipped to that point and Mr. Fergusun will remove to St. Louis withiu a few weeks to take charge of the new factory. The eounty honse residents send the Argus the following: Our sincere thauks are extended to Caspar Rinsey for some fine bananas ■whioh he sent to the inmates of the ccmnty house, as, a Merry Christrnas donafcion ; also to the ladies of St. Andrew'w church who braved the cold weather and tprriblc state of the roads to bring good oheer "in His name" to our people young and old. Year after year with unciriug eneray they have left tbeir homes braving and I ing all difficulties to givy ns pleasnre, and may He who watehes the sparrows as they fall add his blessing.