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The Venezaelinn conimissioners have been...

The Venezaelinn conimissioners have been... image
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The Venezaelinn conimissioners have been appointed by President Clevelaud and a very strongconiniission, it is oomposed of two judges, two college presideuts and one leading international iawyer. To look at it in a political ■way, it is composed of two democrats, two republicans and one man whose politics no one has ever found ont. Jndge Brewer, of the U. S. snpreme ourt.and Chief Justice Alay, of the onrt of appeals of the District of Colombia. President Gilman, of JohnsHop' kins, ex-President White, of Gornell and Frederic Condert, the United States conusel in the Behring sea arbitration, ruake a comiuission whose flnding our people may be assnred will ouly be anch as justice dictates, and if England tben atteinpts to take inore territory than the comraission says belougs to her, the United States must either give np the Monroe doctrine or appeal to artos. No one claims that in a strict sense the Monroe doctrine is a part of international law. The claim is that it ie the settled policy of the United States, a policy which she has proolaimed to the world and all the world has notice that she intends to enforce it. It is not international law, it is onr law. In the same way England prevents Russia from stepping in and redressing the wrongs of the Armenians at the hands of the unspeakable Tnrk. The so-called balance of power in Europe is not international law but tbe nations concerned will fight for it with the same ardor as if it were. On tb's continent the safety of this republic and its immnuity from the taak oí keeping a hnge standing army, lies in preventing the European powers from increasing their American possessions and gaining raore points of vaiitage to threaten us from. The valué of the land in dispute is of no account. The principie is concerned. Is the doctrine promulgated with the advice of England that the Enropean powers must teep their hands off on this continent to be allowed to be violated by Eugland? The President's message did not meau war, it meant that England mnst Dü viólate our cherished national policy and that if we mnst fight for that policy we would. If England violates onr national policy after due notice she raust take the conseqnences, and we Tenly believe that the conseqnences ■will be the loss of her North American possessions. This is not jingoisrn. No self-respecting nation could do less. We love peace but we mnst flght to aeeure it if neeessary. If England was as secure in her claim as the English admirers in this country would have us Iwlieve, why has she refnsed to submit be matter to arbitration?


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