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Ihe tmiversity dome is gone. Bom to Dr. and Mrs. Darling, a ■on. Comt adjourned yesterday morniug nntil Monday. Arthnr Brown has pnrohased two lots on E. University ave. of J. T. Jacobs. The remains of Mrs. Mary Tuomey ■were brought here for interrnent Saturday f rom Pontiao. Mrs. Mary Muina, stepmother of Chas. A. Mnma, died at Flint last Sacurday, aged 14. years. The Bethlehem cburoh choir had an enjoyable sleighride Tuesday night to the home of Mr. Kuhnles, two and a half miles ont the Dexter road. Mand, danghter of Mr. aud Mrs. O. M. Van Kleek, was married New ïears eve at the home of her parents' to Joseph Britton, of Pittsburg, Pa. Sergius Stepuiak, the Russian Nihilist killed receutly in England by a train, appeared in leoture at University hall four years ago this winter. The Epworth Leagne will hold a "poverty party" tonight. All who atteud must wear their old olothes. Editors will be admitted if they wear their Sunday best. The university has offered a reward of $25 for the return of a f300 Zeis compound inioroscope stolen last June, and another $23 for the conviotion of the thief. Mrs. Eliza J. Srnith died at the home of her sister Mrs. Wallaoo, ou E. Jelferson st., Tuesday morning, of paralysis, agod 08 years. The deoeased, formerly resideel at Lansingville, N. Y. Chas. L Doloee and Mary Jane Bailey, of Ypsilanti, were,inarriedNew Years, and thri son of Dolbee aud tbdaughter of bis bride couldn't stand it to see tho old folks tied and not be tied themnelves, so Wm. Dolbee took to himself a bride in the persou o.1 NcUie Bailey. This is supposed to be the the most united family in Washteuaw oonnty. Marion,Goodale has beeu granted an increase of pension. "A Cold Day" will be presented at tho opera house next Monday ught. The fire department was called ont Tnesday night by a sinall flre iu the house at 52 S. Pourth ave. The Farmers' Vigilauce Horse assooiation, of the townships of Superior, Salem and Ann Arbor, wiil hold their anonal meeting at Dixboro, Jan. 10, 1890, at 1 o'clook p. m. All farmers of said townships are cordially ivited to attend. Tbe receipt for stamp sales and envelope sales at the Ann Arbor postoffice for the three months ending December 81, 1895, were $9,167, an increase of 10 per oeat over the oorresponding quarter for a year ago. Walter Reed, of North Webster, died Friday.Dec. 37, of peritonitis. Heieaves a wife and two ohildren, mother, and brother to mourn his loss. His funeral was held Sunday at the Webster church, Rev. Hioksofficiating, and by the order, of the K. O. T. M. tent, 140, of which he was a member. The physical lanoratory at the university has a $275 clock being put in position this week. This clock was ordered one year ago and was built especially for the university by Reiflor, in Munich, Bavaria. It is built along the lines of a clock exhibited by him at the world's fair. There are those who are not averse to believiug thathad not President Angeil been appointed npon the deep water ways commission that President Cleveland wonld have made him a merober of the Venezuelian commission appointed New Years. The fact that two college professors were appointed npon the commission would lend authorify for such belief. The election of Johnson Tent, No. 783, K. O. T. il, jFriday evening resulted as follows: Com., B. .Frank Olinger; Lt. Com., W. H. Barrows; R. KL, C. F. Meyer; F. K., W. H. Butler; Phy., Dr. E. H. Clark; Chap. , B. F. Gerow; Sergt., Emmett Bootb ; M. of A., Clyde C. Kerr; lst M. of G., J. Conde; 2d M. of G. S. J. Salyer; Sen., D. J. Malloy; Picket, Geo. Darrow. A Pinckney young man went skating with his best girl the other day, aud the ice gaveway, they both feil iuto the water, when another skater came to rescue them, the fellow called out to save the girl flrst. The rescuer set about doing it, but seerned to have a diffioult time and the young man shouted that if they' "conldn't get her out, come an get me out." They were both finally resjued, but have suffered considerable f rom their cold bath. Detroit Free Press. Torn Jones, the colored fellow who shot Marshal Peterson two years ago while the marshal was effecting his arrest for larceny, wrote a letter to the marshal recently, wishioghim a happy New Year aud telling him that he had learned much since he began his 20 year'a service at Jackson. The letter is well written, with not a misspelled word and with a good use of Euglish. Joues las figtirod out his time to the last ruinnte, with allowanoe for good behavior and says when he gets out he will be a new man. He says he bears no ill will igainst the. marshal. Jones also states in the letter that he has not had a bad mark against him since his he was incaroerated. This, reroember, is thepolitical year. Yon will want to kuow all the political news, both local aud national, with oommeuts on the same. If you are a republicau you will want to kuow what ;he enemy is doing, saying about you ; if a demoorat you will want to know what to say co the other fellow. Of all ;he years that a man wants a paper presidential year is thit one. Subscribe for the Argus and you'll get ood democratio dootrine through the Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson quill, the qnill that made Grover twist ;he lion's teil, the quill that believes ;hat the democratie doctrine comes neaiest to what this grand old country needs to keep it on a jogging toward he millennium, what it needs to keep t out of the power of the greed getters ind million makers. Take the Argus aud get your doctrine straight. Mr. and Mts. George Feiuer had a family reuuiou New Years with 23 persons at diuiier. Rev. C. B. Wilber, of 57 B. Óatbérine street, gave a New Year's diuner to 31 of Auu Arbor's poor. There.was a dance New Years eve at the Dexter rink aud New Years night there was oue at Whitmore Lake. The Wolverine Cyelers gave a dancing party for flfteeu couples New Years night, at thtiir rooms on S. Maiii streef. Good skatiug"on the river above the dam. The ice h;ts been crowded with devoteesto the popular past i me for the past two diiys. About forty youngsters comprised a sleighríde party to the home of Mr. aud Mrs. -7. C. Allen, two miles out on the Whitmore lake road, Wednesday night. There was a big supper and a big time. The annual statement of the Washtenaw Mutual Fire Insurance company will be found in another column. It will make interesting reading to onr farmer readers. Over 800 guests assembled at the Congrïgational cbnrch in Chelsea to witness the marriage of Myrta H. daughter of Charles H. and Mary E. Kempf, to ClarenoB .T. Chaudlor, both of Chelsea. The cbnr h was beantifully decorated in honor of the occasion; The Inland Press, formerly the Register Publishing Co., is making numnrous changes in the printing office. The bookbindery bas been removed to the basement and the printing department occnpies the space formorly ocoupied by the biudery. A new private offi'-e is being put in and the whole interior painted, varnished aud geDerally renovated. There were 1,009 letters and patikages registered at the Ann Arbor postoffice during the last three months, more than 150 more than were ever registered in any three montbs bfore. In the December quarter, 1887, Ihe registered pankages and letters numbered 518, which was considfred alarge nnmber at that time. This givossome idea of the growth of the postofflce business at Ann Arbor. A letter received by Prof. H. N. Chute yesterday stated that Rev. and Mis. Young, who left this week for Louisville, Ky. , had an exciting time. Tbey were in a collision on the Baltimore & Ohio road, at Coal City, Pa., Monday uigbt. Mr. Young lost bis hat, but is thankful it was not his head. Mrs. Youug lost her trunk but her feet are all right. The coach the two were in did not leave the track. Over 150 members were present at the election of Arbor Teut, No. 296, K. O. T. M., Friday evening and the result is as follows: Com., M. H. Mills; Lt. Com.. Chas. Essliuger; R. K., Geo. huta, jr. ; F. K., W. F. Stirnson; Phy., Dr. W. F. Breakey; Chap , W. Winger; Sergt., H. F. Frost; M. of A., Cari Bronk; lst M. of G., Alhert S. St. Clair; 2d M. of. G , M. M. Steffy; Sen., Ed. Bacon; Picket, W. E. Allen. Look Here! Yon can get fine photographs Cabinet size, warranted uot to fade, for ooly $1.00 per dozen. Come and see oor work, and save your money. Cali at the Photo. Car, No. 33 W. Jeffersou street, Aun Arbor, Mich. 76-84