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Disapproved Of By The Times

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The Times in an editorial thiníts that fbe letter hardly justifled Dr. Jaraesön'3 Btartling move. "Büt it will be necessary." The Tiines continúes," "to wait for further news before judging his action. Xfhewere satisfled that nothing but immediate and deeisive Intervention on his part conld save a great British community from armea violence his oonduot will be opproved here. It inay have been technicaliy incorrect, but teehnicalities could not have been suffered to stand in the way where the lives aad propertyof thousands ] were at stake. "Mr. Cbamberlain's action indicates, fcowever, that no adequate justification ezists for Dr. Jameson'a apparent breach j f tho law of nations. It was known in i official circles yesterday that in the course oi the day Mr. Chamberlain had wired to JJr. Jameson ordering him to return without delay to the company's territory. It annot be supposed tliat such a step wotild have been taken had the colonial office een reason to believe that the ordcrly British subjects of Johannesberg were in imine'1.iate dangor. "President Krucrer wov.ld do well to acept the British offer of mediation, but it te rumored that he has been ill-advised enough to resort to a measure of a very different kind. He is said to have been so far forgetf ui of the position of Transvaal I as subject to the suzerainty of Great ; Britain as to appnal to the Prench and j öennan consuls for support. Conduct of j that kind betrays a remarkable iguorance jrf the rights of this country over ! Taal rad her resolution to enforco thein." i A special article in The Times eays: j "No statement has yet been issued by the ; government, but it is understood that President Kruier has inforined High Commissioner Bobinson at Gapetown that a rumor had reached him of the invasión of the Transvaal and asking him whecher the step had been taken with Sir Hercúlea Kobinson's permission. ! eraor Robinon replied that he had heard a similar rumor, but he had no knowledge of tiie case. He had, however, dispatched msssengers to the frontior to i recítll any forcé that might have been moved." The Chronicle says: "If true; Dr. Jameson's action indicutes a d-groe of political recklessuess vvhicli will go far to strip the organizcr of the victory of Lobengula of tbe laurels he won in Matabe]eland. Our j hands raust not i-e forood by mero land piracy wiiich nay Kring upon us witlioui; anyfaultof che imperial governtent all the troubies aad dangere of another Boer i war." All the other London papers ! úcuin Dr. Juin n.


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