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Chicago, Jan. a.- Following is givon a ocord of disasters, crimes, fires, etc., for ;he year that is just closed. The most prominent disastera have been as follows: [n January 8 wore killed by a flre in London, 53 by tire at Butte City, Mont., 90 by a mine disaster at Hanley, England, 1,800 by an earthquake at Kuchan, Peria. Ín Febrnary 50 last their Uves in a mine accident at Saono, France; 2,000 by an explosión in Formosa, and 204 by a railroíid accident near the City of Mexico. In March 12 wore killed by an explosión in Roumania, 60 in Silesia, and 61 in Evanston, Wyo., by mining accidenta. In April thirty lost their Uves by the collapse of a hotel at Novgorod, Russia, 150 by the breaking of a reservoir at Eppina, France, and 14 by a railroad accident in Mexico. In May 16 persons perished by a cyclone at Patterson, Kas., 120 by a cyclone in Iowa, 50 by a flre in Russia, 50 by a earthquake in Greece. In June 6 persons were killed by an explosión at Felixdorf, Austria, 90 by an explosión in Formosa, 55 by a cloudburst in the Black Forest, 70 by a flood in Hungary, 50 by an explosión at San Paulo, Brazil In July 7 persons were killed by lighcning at Wexo, Sweden, 40 by the fall of a bridge in Egypt, 47 by a mine accident at Yugeton, B. C, 140 by a railroad accident at Kobe, Japan, 800 by a typhoon in China. In August la perished by earthquake in Russia, 1,000 by a storm on the co ist of Japan, 300 by an explosión nf, Toulu. Hussia. In September 43 lost their Hvns in a mine disaster at Houghton, Mich., 100 by a landslide in Arabia. In October 19 vere killed by a cyclone in Cuba, )00 by drowning in theOberiver, Bussia; 50 by drowning at Alexandria, Egypt; 30 by a storm in Lower Caliiornia. In November 37 lost their lives by a boiler explosión at Detroit, 83 by a cartridge factory explosión in Majorca, and 500 by a storm" at Odessa. In December 9 wera killed by an explosión on the steamer St. Paul in New York harbor, 73 by mine explosions near RaleigH, N. C, and Dayton, Tenn. ; 12 by the fall of a barracks at Buenos Ayres, and 28 by pauic at a theater in Balti moro, Md. Rccapitulation for th United States. The following table give the loss of life resulting trom various disasters in this country: Drownings, ,700; fires, 1,850: explosions, 950; mines, 790; falling buildings, etc, 730; cyclones and storms, 410; llghtning, 300. The only epidemie of the yoar has been cholera, its ravages having been the worst in Russia, China, and Japan, as was the case in 1894. The dise'ise, however, has been much less fatal, the nunibcr of deaths for the yeav being b'it 79,461, as compared -.xrií-.V, TTQ OIO The lo'ss of lifo by battles in 1895 is much arger th.-vn that of 18i4 owmg to the fatalries in the eu.npletion of the war between Qhina and Japan, the Cuban insurrección, indtho horrible Armenian massacres. The total loss roughly estimated is 157,983, as jompared with 8',75Ü in 1M. Kaüway aud Marine Disasters. The loss oí lite by railroad disasters of rarious kinds was 3,600 iu 1895, as eompared with 8,b48 in 1891, 4,bU3 in 1893, 4,428 in 189a, 3,2M in 1891, and 3,420 in 1891'. The number of seriously injurod was 2,010, as compap-il with S,397 in 1894, -1,804 in J893, 3,383 in 1892, 2,70? m 18V1, and 3,740 in 1890. The following losses of üfe by wrecks upon the ocean and inland waters is approxiinataly correct. The actual total must be somewhat larger, as in soine cases no record of crew or possengers was kept. The list shows 4,102 lives lost upon the ocean and 148 upon the inland waters, as eompared with 6,804 and 77 respectively in 1894.


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