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Lynchings And Other Infamies

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Judge Lynch has executed 171 persons, 101 men :uul 10 women, during 1893, 23 less than laat yoar. The following record of lynching shows that these disgraceful and inainly brutal outrages aro slowly but steadily dacroasing under the influence of a healthier public sentiment and tho commendable aosion of many southem g ivornors and legislutive bodios in urging ind passing stringent measures l'or the auuishment of vioience of laws; 1885, 194; 188fi 138; 18ST, 128; 18S8, 14-'; 1S89, 176; 1893, l-'T. 1831, 192; 1893, 335; 1893, S0O; 1MH, 190: 1895, 171. Tho lynchings ia the various stntes and terrltoritles during 1896 were as f olio ws: Alabama lö, Ark:vnsas 9, Ciliforaia 7, Colorado 7, Florida 13, ocgia 14, Illinois 2. Kansas 1, Kentucky 15, Loiiisiana 4, Maxyland 3. Mississippi 13, Missouri 8, Nebraskti4, Nor, ina 1, South Carolina 6, South Datota 3, Tennessee 11, Texas -.-I, Virginias, Washington 3, Ne Mexico 1, Indian Territory 2, Oklah nt thmc, lvnfhinars 111 ocourred in the soufch aud twenty-flve in the north. Of i al nunaber 112 were negroes, muoof tuem being v. in 'n. The nunaber ui Ie cal executions u 1895 wus the same as in 18J4, b 'i ; 133 i i eaoh ipared wn.h 1 : u !)■! nul 107ÍQ1S9-. Therewere eighty-nino exeeuted in uie south and forty threö in the uortli. lü the total number ther woman.t vo Mcxicaus and vore one Chinamaii. The total number of persons who nave oommittetl suicide in the United Si daring 1S95 is 5,7öU, as comparad wlth í,9iainl!M, 4,43ö in 1893, ii,ti in 1893 8',381 in 1S91, and 2,000 in 189J. The total is tho largest ever recordé, and shows that self-destruotlon is on the rapid increase. O; thls number 4,800 were males and 1,469 letuales. The total number of murders oomroitted in 1895 shows a startUng increase otoï 1894, beiug 10,600, as con pared -.sub 9.80U in 1894, ,615 in 1898, 6,794 in 18VÖ, 5,9i6 in 1891, 4,290 in 1S9U. lt is evident at tho flrst glanoe ttiat tho inorease is out of all proportion to thw Inorease of population, thus indicating that there is soniothing wrong tn the adminihtration of justioe. This crimu record is gonerously offset by the handsome showing of money contributod by will or by giit upon charehos, colir1Tmj cha.rit,i8. museums, nrt, calleries, líbranos, etc., amoautinjj co SW,U48.549, ís compared with íly.!)ii7,liü 111 UJi. I should 1ib rpmembarod that no aocour.t 1s t:ikn of the Innumerable small contribuwhich manifestly would ba imposBible, bufe only oL large mnounts publicly j glven. Of the total nnount stated above, li;is bueu triv.-n to colleges ilui immense évm ol ■ 12 379,ife.O; to oharities, 745,670; to obiurcties, tS.03.lSr; to musnums and are allerLes, il, 721,500; to libra:. 12,433, and to other iustitutions iö,471,976. The losses by flre in 18'J5 aggreeate $131,678.20, as comparecí wlth $115,5)0,(542 in 1894, an faicrease of $15,987,364, and a ö ecrease of $5(5,773,734, as compared wifch tho losses of 189a. Of these flres those with losses of $100,000 and upwards contribated $50,04-2,760 of the total, and smaller fires


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