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Topic- Prayer- bow to use and enjoy ït.- Uil! xviii, 1-14. '. . meeting of preparation ;u the weeli of prayer. ) That Jesus Christ attacbed great importance to prayer is proved by the fact fchat He constaiitiy einphasized it iu His tëacbings and practiced it in His lite. In the sermón on the mount He enf orces it as one of the cardinal virtues of tbe I perfect disciple. At tbe request of His disciples He taught tbem how to pray, gíving thern a model of prayer tbat is j wonderful in its construction and has had a marvelons influence for good in t the world. Again toward tbe close of his ministiy we are introduced to two parables on the subject of prayer which eruphasize two important features that f-hould characterize our prayers - namely, importunity and bumility. 1. Importunity in prayer. This ia taught by the parable of tho woman and the nnjuet judge, who heard her and granted her request simply becaiise she persisted in her request. Thus it is illustrated to us that "men ought always to pray and not to faint. " Por if au unjnst judge would hear the prayers of one wbo was in no way related to her, because she was persistent, how mncb : more readily we may believe tbat the i just Judge would hear the prayers of His children, if they were constantly brought before Him. Prayer is the only weapon we have by which' we can move the arrn of God, and this one weapon must be wielded constantly. God often keeps us waiting ior our owu good, bnt if we persist He will bear us. 2. Humility in prayer. Tbis istanght by contrast iu the parable of the Pharisee and the publican. In his self confidence and self righteousness the Pharisee offers up a self congratulatory prayer. It is not beard. The publican, on the other hand, standing afar off, scarcely liftiug his eyes tu heaven, sinote his breast and exclaimed "God be merciful to me, a einner. " He wftnt down to his house justified. Thus we are taught self abasernent in prayer. Self exaltment leads to self abasement, but self abasement to self exaltation. These are two of the leading characteristics of prayer, and if we use prayer in the right way we will enjoy it. Our enjoyment lies iu its proper use. It is when we pray constantly and humbly that we are on the way to the spiritual rapture to be found in prayer. Let us then pray determined not to be denied. Let us pray in the humble, penitential key continually, and we will flnd exaltation, rapture and joy in thus ing with God. Bible Readings. - IChron. xvi, 84-3G ; Job xxxiii, 26-30; Ps. Ixv, 1, 2; cxxii, 6-9; Math. v, 44, 45; vii, 7; ix, 36-38; xxvi, 41 ; Mark xi, 24 26 ; John xi, 41, 42; xiv, 13; Rom. xv, 30-32; Eph. vi, 18; PhiL iv, 6; Col. iv, 2, 3 ; I Tiin. ii, 1-4; Heb. x, 19-22; Jas. v, 13-20; I Pet. iv, 7.


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