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The Annual Session

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The annual meeting of the Washtenaw Mutual Fire Insurance Co. was held Wednesday afternoon ?t the conrt house. The meeting was called to order by President Emery E. Leiand promptly at one o'clock, Jndge Kinney desiring the courtroom at three o'clock. It was a half honr after the latter hour before oourt oould assem ble as the ruembers had quite an animated session. The annual statement by Wm. K. Childs, secretary, published this week in the Argus, was read by the seoretary. The board of auditors' report followed. The board's report showed that its members had met and exarnined the director.s' report Dec 28th. The report showed the following figures: Wm.K. Childs during the year issued policies to 69 new members, and cancelled 97; fees collected, $182."31; capiial stock increased, f96,830; diminished, $201,405. E. E. Leiand, for the townships of Saline, Ann Arbor, Northfield and Superior, issued 33 policies to new members and caucelled six; fees collected, $86.90 capital stock incrased, $49420; diminishd, $21,420. John F. Spafford, for the townships of Manchester, Freedom and Bridge water, issued policies to five new members, fees collected, $10.08 ; capital stock increased, $4,825; diminished, $300;. Edwin Ball, for the townships of Webster, Scio, Lodi and Salin. issued to 3 5 ne w mem bers and cancelled five; collected fees amounting to $67.35; increased the capital stock, $35,840; diminished, $10,560. Wm. Campbell, for the townships of Pittsfield, York, Ypsilanti and Augusta, issued 68 policies to new members and cancelled 12; collected fees arnounting to $148.31; increased the capital stock $85,365, dimiuished, $37,250. Wm. E. Stooking for the towuships of Lima, Dexter, Sylvan and Lyudon issued policies to ten new men and cancelled five ; the fees collected amonnted to $36. 19 ; capital stock iucreased, $24, 195 ; diminished $17,800. The net increase of members was 95 and the net increase in capital stock $7,740. Tne report showed a balance on hand with the secretary of $150.00. After the adoption of the anditors" report a resolntion was offered making the compensation of directors and auditors the same as last year, $2.00 a day out of wbich expenses were to be paid. A subtitute was offered that $2. 00 a day aud expenses be allowed. This substitute had no friends at all. Hon. John Robinson,of Sharon, offered another substitute that they be allowed $1.50 a day and their expenses. He did not think that directors at the ends of the county sbould be allowed only $2.00 a day with their necessarily increased expenses in getting to Ann Arbor and the director nearer town receiving the same compensation when lie was not at so great an expense in getting here. This substitute shared the same fate as the other and the first resolution, giviug them $2.00 a day, was finally carried. The seoretary's compeusation was fixed at $500 per annum, as formerly. The election of directors for two yeais resulted as follows : Emory E. Leiand, W. K. Childs and E. A. Nordman, the latter to succeed Wm. E. Stocking. The only fight was on the last director eleeted, O. C. Burkhart receiving 78 of the 257 votes cast, while Mr. Nordman recaive 138. Mr. Nordman was formerly a direotor in the compauy. The present board of auditors was reelected. Under the head of miscellaneons business various matters were discnssed. Bnssell C. Reeve, of Dexter, thought it would be a good plan to ent out all losses less than $5, have that as the minimura loss that that the company would recognize. This proposition brought to nis f eet a man in the back part of the room who said that the widows and the orphans should have a show with their petty losses and their losses of $5 and less were more to them oftentimes than the $1,000 losses of the wealthy members of the company. "If Mr. Reeve wants to rob her (the widow) let him but don 't let Washteuaw county" (meaning the insurance compauy). This sally brought forth the heartiest laugh of the the afternoou's proceediugs and Mr. Reeve said nothing more abont his retrenchmeut scherne. Philip Duffy, of Northfield, thought that by-law No. 34 had been misapplied by the board of directora. This rule formerly read so as to embrace in the insurasoe driving and work horses that were outside of the county if iu the possessiou and under care of their owners. This clause had been ohauged by the direotors so as to include livestock. Mr. Duffy thought that this change, made in 1893, was wrong and that the directors had overstepped their authority. Mr. Rodinson said that the state law did not allow farmers' mutnal insuranoe cornpanies to embrace over three conntiee, but by his by-law 34 horses and live-stock ïnighc be sured in several different connties, wherever their Washtenaw owners happened to have them. He thought the company had no power to settle snch losses. The matter was flnally referred to the committed on revidon of charter which consista of H. D. Pratt, E. A.Nordmau, V. G. Stocking, the secretaiy and treasurer. Juhn Webb, of Unadilla, had a claim of $400 presented for the loss of a barrí in September last, which loss the board of directors refnsed to pay on the ground that Webb was using wood in thresbing. Webb claim d that Cayler 3. Barton, the Unadilla flre bug, had confessed at Jackson this fall, to setting fire to the barn. He therefore dej sired the company to pay his loss. He j said that tbe biother of Barton would i swear that his brother had confessed to him to the act of iucendiarism. The matter was referred to the board of direotors for action. That ended the afternoon's proceedings. The meeting was well att.ended and the orators of the county were ont in fnll force and but for the fact that conrt was calleu for three o'clock and that hour had already overrnn a half hour the session would have lasted muoh louger. The conrt room was fillöd with the members of the company.


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