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The Council Discusses Bills

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Thñ question of flnances worried the Icodiicil exceedingly at its session Monday nijjht. Tho city snow scrapers and Chas. A. Ward's bilí for aid furnished the board of publio works were the causes of the expending of mnch alderrnanic rúasele and a great deal of oratory. Aids. Snyder, Butteifield and Cady ehainpioued the cutting down of the bilis ruentioned and it came abont in this wise : A long Rfring of bilis' were preseuted by Aid. Maynard, in the absence of Aid. Brown, chairman of the fiuance conimi'tee, all duly certified to by the finan-e oommittee. The bilis included oue of Ward's fnr $77, one of Abram Vorheis for tejming, for $76, one of Richard Barns of $21 for snow scrapiug. Aid. Suyder went after the Bnrns and Vorheis bilis and Aid. Butterfielci took a shot at the Ward b.ll. Aid. Snyder said that lie would like to know how a man conld run up a bilí of $76 in oue month for hauling with a team, the work that Vorheis was doing for the city. The mouth of December, he said, bad been rainy and suowy and uo man could have worked f uil time duriug snch weather. He said he had aoiue experience in the tearuing business r.ii he liuew that te.amsters oould bot work full time during the month. He thought that it was time the council simt down on the paym nt of exborbitant bilis sent to tberu by the bo;ird of public works Aid. Butterfield discussed Mr. Ward's bilí. He opposed it ou the ground that the board of works waseznploying him as"aliterary clerk" aud ie eruployed bim to do work without sanctioii of rhe conncil. Aid. Cady said "the board of public works is robbing us. " He thoufcht it was time that either the board or the council members resigned. However, the work had been done in good faith and he believed that the men should receive pay on that account. Wheu it carne to a vote the bilis were allowed by a slight majority vote. Aid. Batterfield, however, round a rule under which bilis over which there was a división of the council had to be passed by a two-thirds vote. After considerable more discussion the questiou upou the bilis was voted upou again and failed to have the two-thirds vote. Not, howe er, uutil Aid. Snyder's atreutiou had been called to the fact that he had skipped two other snow scraping bilis wbich amouuted to $21 aud over, aud these two were added to the Burus bill. Upou rnotiou the bilis wül be brought up agaiu at the next meeting of the council.


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