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Philena Taylor, forroerly of Saline, died recently at Dowagiac. The newly eleoted oiHcers who will preside over the K. O. T. M. tent at Saline the coming year are : Corn. , S. R. Cristenden ; Li. Com., John Luts; R. K, W. D. Mead; F. K., A. C. Clarhe; Cbap., Ira "Wood; Physician, C. P. Underkircher ; Sar., O. R. Parsons; M. at A. , Emanuel Cook ; First M. of the G., J. W. Wlieelock; Second M. of the G., H. O. Lambkin; Sen., Walter Bailey ; Picket, Wilber Cornish. Miss Jennie Lindsley and Wm. Kleia, both of Saline, wereunited in inarriage at the home of the bride on Wednesday of last week. The wedding was largely attended. The Hillsdale Leader speaks about the "Kake Shoreroad. " That's asweet blnnder for a newspaper to make conoerning this road. Usnally they give it "L." - Adrián Press. Mr. Stearns, of the Adrián Press, made the following "crack" last week at Mr. Srnitb, of the MonroeDemocrat: The night after Christmas 32 Mouroeïtes were locked up in the city lockup. Wasn't a newspaper man lefc to wiite np the locáis till the fines had been paid. Great town that of Monroe. Hoover,of the Chelsea Standard, won't always have ro kick about hoveling snow. He dres here and in tbiswise: "The good things of this earth are not dealt ont to all alike, the truth of vbich was forcibly impressed npon ns yesterday morning when we were hard at ■Work shovfcling a bank of snow two feet deep off our walk, while onr ceighbors were sitting by their fires enjoying onr discomfort. The f act of the matter was that the wind had blown all the snow for forty rods aronnd over our ealk aud those of onr neighbors were swept by the wind as clean as thongh a broom had been nsed. " Wni. Eisen beiser and Miss Jessie Bush, of Sylvan, were nnited in marriage the 2nd inst. Emily J. Boyer. of Chelsea, has tmited her fortnnes with George D. Schatz, wbo takes ber to the flowers and snnshme and fruit menu of Fresno, Cal. Hiram Lighthall's sawmill at Chelsea is rnnuing full blast with a forcé of six men. Brighton is agitating the question of whether it woold be better to buy a quantity of fonr-foot wood and a number of bucksaws, and raake the tramps who strike the place earn their lodging, or let them have it for nothing, as they do now. Ernest F. Daisher is a young man hailing from Macon, and while at work for Dr. Phillips, of Mooreville, became satisfied that Miss Nora Sanford, who ■was employed in the family, was the womau of destíny for him, and he arranged for their marriage Christmas at the home of hispareuts, The ceremony was slated for half-past sis o'clock and a wedding feast was ío follow. Bachelor neíghbor, MartBailey, was requested tobe bpst man. He shaved hirnself carefuily, put on bis "finest, ' and was on -hand promptíy, to see wbat tbe barvest would be. Tbe Germán minister ■was present with license. A number of invited gnests were on hand, and the supper table was prepared with the dainties of theseason. Tbe groom and bride bad speut the day at Milán, and were to be back to complete the program. An hour passed. The minister was nneasy. He bad a prior engagement to eat turkey, and this chance comes seldom to ministers and editors; so when the clock registered half-past seven with no contracting parties in aight, he decided to f orego his marriage fee and get his Christmas dinner ■which awaíted him at Ridgeway. He allowed he would return in case the parties put in an appearance. Finally just as tho guests were about to sit down to snpper, the parties appeared and the guests were astonisbed to learn tbat the wedding had been postponed. The grooni allowed that the weather was getting warm, the roads bad, and the times hard and they bad decided to wait till the iiaisies bloomed in the spring, and the bobolinks warbled their notes of ■welcome, when lovers waudered over sheep pastares, and celery fariu3, and the air was redolent with tbe perfume of roses, instead of that from frozen cabbage leales. The guests partonk oí the feast and considered it a Christmas dinner instead of a wedding banqnet, and all went merry as a district sohool bell. The yonng peuple took a weeks vÍ8it, as a ort of brevet honeymoon, wifc'i a consin near Tecurnseh, and they ■will await the coming of the fotnre, aad keep the license of good faith.- Adrián Press. The Mooreville school house is newly "'fnruaced. '" " Tho Howell eoutingej-t in the miiversity uuaibors a dozen. Brighton has a new meat inarket, whioh makes a total of four. Lew Wendhausen has tnrued up in Milán with a bride heinarried in Oklahoma. Citizens last Satnrday helped exCougressrnan Gorman to celébrate bis 45th birthday. at Chelsea. Miss Ada Clare, of Manchester, has married Albert F. Kishpangh, who is licker of stamps for the village of Clinton. Jimmey La Longo tobogganed into the open river at Dundee and carne near opening the new year on a ledger not built with hands. Jack McDaniels, a Wayneherinit, has lived iu fllth for many years. He was forcibly taken to the couuty house the other day and his hut torn down. Howell is shooked bei-anss it has íound that it has a poker joint whose habitúes sometimos desperate the Sabbath day with a chinking of chips. In attempting to remove a shaving from iu front of a plauer, August Gutzidd, of Stookbridge, had enough of his hand eaten np to make an ampntation at the wrist necessary. The Webberville News annonnces the reason of last week's tardinessto be dne to eating head cheese that had becorne poïsoned by standing. It came near making Mr. Peek more peaked than usual. - Stockbridge Sun. E. L. Moore, of Bea, went to the bitters bottle the other day, but instead of his usual swig of medicine he took an unusual swig of aconite. Had the village doctor been out of town the Rea man -wonld have been no Moore. The doctor was at home, however, and lie is onoe more Mooie. Orlando Boyd, of Sylvan, took a drop too muoh the other day, when he slippad oft' his horse as a result of the animal kicking up its heels Orlando was thrown upon the hard, cold gronnd With that siokening thud which accompanies the oastiug off of the heavy villain in the modern school novel. Boyd didn't oare so much about the thud business as he did about the fact that luis shoulder and baok were badly braised. A well dressed Etranger stopped with R. N. Francisoo, at Wayne, 'totber night and while the family olook was ticking off the early moruinghours this well dressed stsanger got up ii the coldness of his cbaritably inolined host's best room and pnrloined $12 and a watcb froru the pooket of a junior Francisco. Then he bied himself away aud disappeared as if the earth had made a meal of him, and the place of his present residence is no longer at 'Frisoo, nor will it ever be at the Golden Gate. " The new rector of St. Lnke'i, Ypsilanti, took charge tínnday. Patrick Pendergasf's farm residence in Lyndou was destroyed by fire last week. The Dexter Leader is 27 years oíd. Of conrse John O. Thompsou basn't bsen its editor all that time, for John wasn't "oíd enongh to know" during the flrst few years of that period. John W. Spoor, lastyear's worshipfnl master of the VVashtenaw lodge, F. and A. M. , at Dexter, was remembered on his going ont of office with the new year, with a gold headed cañe. Wirt Newkirk made the preseutation speech in a fligbt that embraced everything from the Masonic symbols to the Veneznelan war. James Whitcomb, the inventor, has gone to Chicago to have constructed some bottles upon which he has applied for a patent. The distillers of fine brands of whiskeys claim there awaits a fortune for anyone who will invent a bottle that when emptied of itscontents cannot be refilled, making it imperativo that the retailers use original packages and not fill labeled bottles from the barrel down cellar. Whitcomb thinks be has the right thing and has gone after tbe models. - Ypsilanti Sentinel. The hotel clerk filled all the lamps at the Belleville hotel with gasoline the otber night and a serious catastrophe might have resulted had not one of the gnestf smelled the gasoline and had an investigaron of the lamps made. The plumbers, who have been at work at the Goodyear house for two weeks, left for Ann Arbor Sunday afternooa, having completed their work. - Manoheter Enterprise. The bank at Manchester is still doing business. The amusement goers at Manchester all got out in the cold the other night to see aud hear the Boston Concert company. The management of the hall wanted his pay in advance, the beao eater wonldn't agree to that, and the Manohestervillians had to return home without hearing an agreppio agreppioed. The first Catholic church in Dexter township was ereoted five miles northwest of the village in 1840. The present churuh, in the village, was erected in 1874. Geo. W. Hopkins, of Unadilla, and Miss Bertha Guliok, of Dexter, were married at Dexter New Years. A rrumber from here attended the leap year party at Mr. Baldwin's Tuesday night. One yonng gentleman, in giving an account of the ride. said : "Only five conplesin our sleigh. Each giil had a shaw) and five shawls were all you could see. " When questioned by his mother as to what that meant, hSjrepIied: "Ob, ma, wehadanawful good time," and the mystery is yet unexplained. - Dexter Leader. Tbe Argns cop'ea the following from the Grass Lake News with mach pleasare. But it is almost too good to be true: " A Grass Lake geniaa has invented a 'bed bng oolleotor' which embodies the principie of the dust ooilector sed in flour milis. Two have been ordered for Ann Arbor hotels." Tbere is an epidemie of wboop'ug oough iu Dexter township, The Podunkers argued Satnrday night at their debating society that ignoraa o aud inability have oaused movo flnanciallossti) tbe farmers than political 'issues. Mr McKinley wou the day for i thi'Se who had the "inability" side of tbe question. The following persons afctendcd the swell Kenipf-Chandler wedding at Cbelsea last week Wednesday : Mr and Mrs. Reubeu Kempf aud daughter, Mrp. Rose Maier aud daughters, Mr. C. F. Mutschel, and Miss Ruth Durheirn, of Ann Arbor; Miss Matilda Mutschel, of Flint; Mrs. Irene Myer, Miss Nina Myer, Mr. Ward Choate, Mrs. Minuie Chuate, of Jackson, aud Mr. and Mrs. D. S. Mouroe, of Detroit. Manchester coinés to the front, Mary Aun, with the best story of the B6w year. The Lady Maooab3es were organized into a hive of busy bees oue nighfc receutly. The side saddle goat was broughc from its stamping gronnd in the village hall loft, and some twenty ladies tried to stick on during its arnusing gyrations. It is said they were dressed on the plan of the new wi m in, atd that the iuitiation was a great sucoess - uot a success necessarily as a oonsequenue, for ifc would have been a success anyway. Soon after the night of the initiation, Mrs. X's hired girl told Mrs. Z's hired girl all about the wonderful things tbat occnrred a few nights previous, when the "Mackerbeès had their nishiashnn. " A few days and tbe whole viliage was posted iu tbe secrets of the order, aud the dry goods clerks were giving trade the grip of the lodge and the small boys were standing on their heads with their fingers in their vest pockets to show passers-by that they were posted in the secret signs of the order. The investigation that followed disolosed the fact that one of the uewly made members of the hive thonght the initiation was such a novel performance that she had gone through the whole show for her hired girl. The bired girl hadn't been backward in disseminating the goor! news, and before nightfall the whole ceremony was known the lengtb and breadth of the village. "Dede" Aitken and "Yonr Uucle Samuel" Boyntou are said to be busily engaged in perfecting a new initiatory program for the hives of the future. The worthy poor who are traveling over the country and can't -get to Gpddes, Willis, BelleviHe or Budgetown, will hereafer have a snap if they can ouly get to Ypsilanti. A poor fuud is to be raised and left with the Michigan Central's policeman at the depot anil anybody who is really tryiug to find a loog lost brother or a cast off father will be furnished with sufficient cash to help him on his way rejoioiug. Owing to the relative high price of woolen goods and cheapnes of potatoes, an economical Ypsilanti house wife mended her hnsbaud's trousers with a potato pareh. - Ypsilanti Coinmereial. - And put him to bed iu au apri-cot. Ypsilanti puts on considerable style since several of its society peopie had the pleasure of eating ice cream and hash at the million dollar BLopkinsJoy wedding in Detroit the other day.


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