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House Tariff Bill

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WASHINGTON, Juu. 9- Wolcott oL Colorado, who has been absent ia Kuropo fo some monthis", was presen t in che senat Wednesday and took the presoribed oath He was very warmly roceivod by his asso ciates on both sides of the ohamber Halo from the oommittee on naval af fairs reported back favorably a bilí au thorizing the sccretary of the navy to in orease tho number oL enlisted raen in the navy. He direeted attention to the ini portance of the bilí and gave notioo tha he would cali it up ut an early day. But ler offered two amendments to the free coinage substituto for the house bond bill The first prohibited the sale of interest bearing bonds without the express con sent of congross and the seoond made it inandatory on the secretary of the treasury to redeem grecnbacks and treasury notes in silver as loug as the market prico of H2}4 grains of silver was lower than that or 29Ji grains of gold. Moved for Early Atljournment. At the conclusión of the morning hour Sherman moved that the senate adjourn. He cxplained that an early adjournment would facilítate the work of the senate (it being underscood that the Republicans desired to hold a caucus) Stewart requestod Sherman to withdraw his motion in order to give him an opportunity to make some remarks on the financial question, but the Ohio senator declined to yield. Accordingly at 12:50 the senate adjourned. Immediately aft'er adjournment the Republican senators went into caucus on the tariff bill. It was tho general impression that the only method open to the R.ipubiicans was to pass the biU as it came from the house and that such would be tho action of the cauuus. ïhe Republican caucus, after a very stormy session, agreed to instruct the finance committee that the tariff bill be reported without amendment and passed in that forru. Annexation of Hawaii. The subject of the annexation of the Hawaiian islands was broached in tho house Wednesday by Spalding of Michigan in the form of a resoluüon. ïhe resol ution provided that the Sandwich islands be created into a new state to be called the state of Hawaii with a republican form of government, to be adopted by the people, through deputies in convention, with tho consent of the existing governmont. Conditions were imposed that questions of boundary or complications with othor govornments be transmitted to the president to be laid before congress for its final action before Jan. 1, 1898; that all proparty pertaining to the sublic defense be ceded to the United States, but the state retáis aü.other property and the United States to be liable for none of its dobts. Resolntiön Referred. The resolution proposes as an alterna;ive that Hawaii may be admitted as a state by treaties between the tvvo governments, with one representativa in conress and proposes an appropriation of 5100,000 for making the treaties. ïhe resolution was read by unanimous consent and referred to the committee on foreign affairs. Upon his request Harrison of Alabama was reUeved from service on the eleotion committee No. 2 because his seat s.contested and Baüey of Texas was ap)!inted in his stead. Henderson of Iowa stated tliat tho committoo on rules would not be able to report until Thursday and at 12:45 the house adjourned.


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