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Jimmie Blithman's Career

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Jiromie Blithman, whose loeal fatne reate npou his record as a sneak tbief and bold boy robber, is agaiu breathing the air oífreedom. He and his rabbit's foot, for be muse oarry oue, nan go where tbey lisfeth evideutly nntil fhe rabbit's foot owner has 'grnwn oíd enongb to be sent to state's prison. Jimmie's career of crime is aslongnow as that of many men wbo bave been extensively known for their pefcty pesnlations. From Marshal Peterson tbe following faots concern'ng tbe yonnpster bnve t eeu Iearued : He bpan his ■ nareer by Rtalin? a brirse it Hilis iis t 10 youiíg to ;■ é a .ri!:i: .: done witb bim and was allowed to go f ree. He tlien turned up at Adrián where be was sent to the reform sobool. Wheu be got out bis mother bad removed to this city. Here he broke into Bach & Abel's and Rinsey & Seabolt's stores. He was sent to the reform school again but name back in Ootober Jast. Argns readers rornember of his arrest tl is f all for the Harkins' bardware store burglaryjand the faot that he wasuot adinitted to the reform school and was allowed his liberty, wbile his partner in crime, the colored boy, Elliot Chester, was sent to ail. A scrange phase of the whole matter reruains now to be related. One nigbt last week Officer Isabel of Stat6 street reeeived the tip, or at least it oame under)iisobservation,thattwo of the sheriff's depnties were stationed in Toop's bakery. He believed that something was up and not desiring the sheriff's deputies to get a start of him, he and another officer watched the store from the outside. This took place for two nights. Meanwhile Ma.-shal Petersou arrestad yunng Blithman on a charge of entering Jolly's State street store in October last. Upon arrest the youth confessed and said that he and Chester had stolen a bunch of keys at Jolly's and found a key to fit the door. They had entered the store but were frightened away by a noise upstairs and left, leaving the keys in their baste. Blithman also said that he had been adimtted at the jail to see his old partner and Cbester and the two of them plannèd to burglarize the Toop store. The shoriff's deputies evidentiy had reeeived the tip from young Chester and were on deck to eutrap Blilhman. Marshal Peterson thinks he should have ben tola of the affair and that it looked as though the sheirff desired to place the marshal and his depnties into a posiiton where it might look as if tbey were not doing their duty. When Blithman acknowledged the Jolly burglary it was Marshal Petersou 's intention to have him prosecated but the prosecuting attorney thought he was too young to be sent to the penitentiary and no steps were taken iu the matter, and Blithman was released Saturday night.


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