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An Exciting Arrest

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Monday Marsbal Peterson received a dispatch from Sheriff Brown, of Harrisoa, Clare county, to arrest Cornelina C. B.iluss on a charge of ernbezzling about 50,000 feet of lumber at Harrison. The name in the dispatoh was not Baluss, and the marshal therefore, acting od ?gal advioe, awaitedthe arrival of Sheriff Brown before making the arrest. Sheriff Brown oame in the evening aud the two, acoompanied by Offlcer O'Mara went to Baluss' residence at 51 Aun treet. Baluss, instead of coming out to the door when the officers kuocked, opened a window and desired to know who wasthere. Sheriff Brown recognized him as the man he wanted and explaüied hiserraad. Baluss said he would come to the door, bnt instead the lights went out. The officers tried for half an hour to get into the front door but were unsuccessful. Mrs. Baluss ordered the officers away. The marshal carne down street and got reinforcernentsand surrounded the house. Upon being agaiu refused admittance Peterson fonnd a piece of timber and smasbed away at tbe front door. The doorwithstood all efforts to break it in. After procuring lights from neighbors tbe officers went to a side door and broke it in. The officers searched the house from top to bottom, over and over again, looking thronh chests, trunks and closets, but with uo success. They spent an hour and a half in the search. Pinally tbe marshal and Officer Armbruster confined their atteations to the woodshed, and overthrew a pile of wood and overturned all the boxes. Bnt there was no Balnss. Pinally the cbief of pólice overturned a barrel near the woodshed door and disclosed a small opening in the floor. Looking down into the hole he found there was a large area beneath the floor running back uuderneath the dining room. As far back as he could possibly get lay Baluss and all that could be seeu of him was the shining of hiseyes in the dark. The marsbal called for him to come out and give up but no answer carne and Balnss did not stir. Petersou procureá an adz from a neighboring house and began operations on the dining room floor direotly ovar Balnss. Balnss theu gave up and crawled ont of the hole. Sheriff Brown placed bim under arrest and the night's work bore its f.uic next morning when the Harrison county sheriff left for home with his ptrisoner.


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