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Mnch attention is given at the present time to physical development. Trained teachers are employed in onr mbüc schools for this purpose. They ind no tvro persons exactly alike in the jroportions of various parts of their odies. Careful coinparison of the measureruents of severa] thousaud persons of various ages has resnlted in the preparation of a table shovring the average height, weight and proportions of peo)le at different agps. When any one goes o a physical instructor now for examination, a chart of his condition is made showing how he compares with the average man. This is of value in telling at a glance where deficiencies lie and vchat parta need special care to briug he wbole system to harmonious development. In spiritual mattere we have a botter eystem adapted to practical use. The chart of the ideal man is before ns in he Bible. Exuinples of all kinds of deflciencies are cited and esplained. Directions for self measurement are gi ven. [t is our business individnally to "size np" ourselves. It ia fatal to deceive onrselves as to our condition or poaiiiou. Let each one examine himeelf on all points of Christian character. Discover the pointe of overdevelopment and correct .hem. Learn the defloienoies of yoar life and round them ont to 'nllness. If you are tronbled with weakness of heart or knees, with shorteightedness, with slow footedness, with incipient paralysis of the pocket nerve, Btndy your case on the New Testament chart and practice in the school of Christ. Remember our goal : 'Till we attain unto the nnity of the faith and of the inowledge of the Son of God, unto a full grown man, unto the measure of tnre of the fullness of Christ."


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