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He Knew The Place

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The mau with his coat collar tnrned up and his hat pulled down over his eyes, who was slonching along in the had ow of the buildings, suddenly beckoned to the man on the other side of the Btreet "Here's a graft, Bill," he said when the other had crossed over. "Wot is?" asked Bill gruffly. "This here house," replied the first speaker. "It's just like flndin things 11 fixed for you. Sorue bloomin idiot has gone away an left his latchkey in the door. ' ' Bill took a long look at the house and tben shook his head. "Yon kin have it, "he said. "I don't want nuthin to do with the game. " "Wot's the matter?" "The feller wot lives here ain't to be trnsted. He's a low down, mean, tricky cnss. He ain't got no feelins at all. " "D'ye know him?" "No, but I was here onot bef ore, an I'm on to his game. He left the key just like that before, an I thonght it was dead easy. I went np an tried to turn it, an thought I was bein electrocuted snre. ' ' "Was he watchin for you?" "Watchin nuthin! He's one of these here electrical guys, an he just sticks tibe key in there to catch suckers, tnrns a million 7olt battery on an goes to bed. Iwonldn't touch that kev if it would let


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