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SCRIMUBE Eeadino.- Luke xi, 6-13; xviil, 1-17. "Whatever is worth ha ving is worth asking for" is an old adage possessing considerable trath. Tbere are many ways of asking. Behind all true petitioning lies a spirit of earnest dosire and expectation, a true hope of acquiring. There must also be an appreciation of value of the thing sought. One must have the spirit of insistence. Realizing his need, he must be determined to succeed. "Iwill not let thee go until thon bless me" usually brings the blessing. Time is also an element of importanee in all prayer. It takes time for preparation of heart in asking ; it takes more time for preparation of life to receive. Time is needed for adjustments in the world around us in order to the answering of prayer. So we must persist as well as insist. ' He who knocks at the door and runs away may bring the housemaster to the door, but getsneither goods from his hand nor invitation to enter nor acquaintance. He loses his toil because of his inconstancy. Throughout the year many ohildren Buggest to parents and frienda gifts which they would like to receive at Christmas. If any one thing is particulafly longed for, it is likely to be often in mind and freqnently mentioned. In making presents most people try to flnd out what will most please the one to wboru the gift is to be made. So it nat-nrally happens that we often get what we most desire. How true this is in regard to ├ťod and his gifts to us ! If any oue wonders why he has never received any deep spiritual gift from God, it would be well for such a one to search bis own heart and discover how niuch he has ever really desired heart purity or pardon or any like experience. Modern Pharisees are not much different from the ancient variety. A touch of the Pharisee spirit may often be detected in almost every heart and life if the owner will but search the underdopths of his narure by the light of the word and explore his own nature with the candle of the Lord.


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