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Omar Moore, of Dexter, has purchased A. P. Ferguson's pacer, "Cotton King. ' Justice Andrew E. Gibson has been admitted to practice before the supreme ecrart. Dr. and Mrs. Tyler celebrated the 25th anniversary of their marriage on the lOth inst. Eli Manley has had his pension increased to $45 per month and receives $1000 back pay. John B Miner was one of the auditors at the Miller's Insurance Co. 's meeting at Lansing this week, Rev. and Mrs. Wm. Collins were surprised by members of the A. M. E. church last Friday evening. The Washtenaw County Farmers' Instïtute will be beid Jan. 29 and 30, 1896, in Cleary's hall at YpsiJanti. You can see better to select bargains at B. St. James' dry goods store since the firm put in their new electric light. President Angell has been in Detroit this week attending the sessions of the American deep water ways commission. Parker, Colburn & Schneider comprise the members of a new hardware firm which will occupy one of the new stores on E. Washington street. It is announced that the Joys, of Detroit, who contemplated building an lectric road to this city from Detroit Tia Ypsilanti, have abandoned the idea. Fred Schall, who was badly hurt Christmas time by falling on a ladder while arranging a window display at Hack & Co. 's store, is able to be at work again. One woman fainted Saturday night at the Salvation Army services, another woman did the same caper Sunday morning and a robust looking student feil over in a faint Sunday night. James Tice was arrested Saturday night by Patrolman O'Mara for stealing 45 pounds of meat from James Mulholland's wagon. Tice stole he meat in order to sell it to get whiskey. Jacob Moegle was arrested last Saturday by Patrolman Collins on a charge of beating his wife and threatening to carve her with a knife. Justice Pond sentenced him to 65 days in the Detroit house of correction. Cards have been issued announcing the marriage of Miss Gertrudë Sibbald Wade, daughter of Sec'y. Wade of the U. of M. , to Walter Fulton Slocum, of Chicago, the ceremony to take place at the home of the bride Jan. 23. Hon. George A. Farr, of Grand Haven, was appointed on Saturday as regent in place of C. H. Hackley, who so unceremoniously resigned the regentship on New Years. Mr. Farr is a prominent attorney of northwestern Michigan and has been a member of the state legislatura. The sale oí for the May Festival was commenced last Saturday ïnorng. About 50 students stood in line all night and by 10 o'cloock when the sale began there were 250 persons waiting to secure tickets. By three 'o'cock 1300 seats had been reserved. Persons out of the oity will get reserved seats by mail and some of the best sittings have been reserved for them. Editor Allison, of the Chelsea Herald offers his plant for sale for $2,000. He claims the plant oost $3,000 and that if there are any persons really desirous of covering themselves with fame and filling their pockets witb shekels, they shöuld at once signify their intention of purebase. Editor Allison desires to pull out of the newspaper profession on account of ill health and oíd age. The oratorio of "Elijah" wül be presented in the Choral Union series at University hall tonight. The following are the soloists : Mrs. Genevieve Clark Wilson, of Chicago, soprano; Mrs. Marshall Pease, of Detroit, contralto; iGardner S. Lamson.J of Ann Arbor, baritone; Charles B. Stevens, of Detroit, tenor, and Miss Florence Potter, soprano ; Miss Francés Taylor, contralto, and Master Herald Brown, soprano, of Ann Arbor. A long distance telephone has been put in Wahr & Miller's. Three cases of typhoid fever are tfeported from the hospital. Wm. Frey has purchased the cigar business of Emanuel Wagner. R. B. Gates, M. D. , of Chalsea, died Monday night of old age. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Seabolt are happy in the arrival of a 9l4 Ib. girl. The Independent Order of Foresters will have a big initiation and banquet next Monday evening. Judge Babbitt aent 25 people to the Pontiac asylum last year, 20 of whom were at the oounty's expense. W. E. Boden, of Delhi Mills, is lecturing before a number of the farmers' institates being held about the state. Burton L. Sweet has been appointed a special policeman at the Salvation Army b.vrraoks. without expensa to the city. Count Clerk Dansingburg has three counterfeit dollars in nis possession which a member of the bar gave hiña as a fee the other day. Forest Hill Cemetery association has elected the following officers: H. S. Dean, president; Fred K. Schmidt, vice president; E B. Pond, seoretary. Greenville P. Kleiser, an elocutionist of the Leland Powers kind has been added to the Y. M. C. A. lecture oourse. He will appear the evening of Feb. 27th. Ballots will be counted next Monday at the Congregational church and an expression thus gained from the congregation whather or not pews shall be rented or free. Messrs. C. VV. Wagner and E. J.Koch entered into partnership Jan. lst in the tailoring and men's furnishing business. The firm will be known under the old Dame of Wagner & Co. The firm of Hunter & Muchey, which has been engaged in the manufacture of a patent clutch for belts, has been Sissolved. Mr. Muchey accepts a $2,500 position in Toronto, Ont. John Gundlack is in jail charged by BYG. McCleary, proprietor of the Occilental hotel at Ypsilanti, with forging j $50 draft in August last which was ïashed by the hotel. Gundlack was overaauled at St. Louis. The telephone company will run a lew cable of wires to Church und State streets and Fifth avenue respectfully, n all 0,500 feet. Many of the wires iow strung in those streets will be ;aken dow,n. John H. Holmes, the Grand Rapids routh who killed Motorman Albert R. Johnson, because Johnaon put his cold ïngers down his back, was a former U. of M. student. He hailed from 3rand Ledge and was generally liked ;here. Louis Detling, of Freedom, who svent crazy and caused the offlcers much trouble during his incárceration in the ail previous to being taken to Pontiac, iied at the insane asylum last week. His remains were brought back to Freedom for burial. The Detroit Journal oontaïned a out Monday night of onr own Judge Thos. M. Cooley, which that paper labeled L. E. Oooley, one of the waterways com mission in session this week in Detroit. The paper very likely fooledí a portion af its readers but there were some who recognized the subterfuge. Judge of Probate Babbitt has appointed F. P. Bogardus, of Ypsillanti ; James Kelley, of Manchester, and Chas. H. Manly, of Ann Arbor, memüers of the Washtenaw eounty soldier's relief commission for the terms of one, ;wo, and tbree years, respectivelv. These appointments are required by the terms of the new statute of 1895. Mrs. Louise Hall-Walker's lecture before the Unity club last Monday night was largely attended and was greatly enjoyed by the audience. Her pictures of scènes and incidents occurring during her journey were finely told. Her reading was excellent and the display of eastern costumes at the olose of the leoture very interesting. The whole affair was delightful and instruofcive as well. Miohigan medical graduates may be interesteti to know tnere are at present qo less than thirteen vaoancies in the foroe of assistant surgeons in the navy. No political pull is required to secure these places, and any young man with a medical degree who is between the ages of 21 and 27 years, and who can pass the required exainination, is oligible for appointment. The pay is $1,700 per annum to start with. The reason there are so many vacancies is beoause the examination is rigid, and young men with the reqnisite professional knowledge for passing think they are sure of more than $1,700 in private practice within a few years. - Adrián Times. Henry Depue, who formerly resided at 56 E. Washington street, where his wife now resides, has filed a bilí for divorce from his wife, Alsena P. Depue. In his bill Mr. Depue alleges that he and his wife were married 12 years ago. He owned a farm three miles from the oity, but gave up farming at her solicitation and moved to the city. Since coming here orator claims that his wife has been having boarders and roomers, to whom she gave so much attention in household affairs, that his own meals were not served and he had often to cook them three times a day, while Mrs. Depue looked after the comfort of her boardera. Depue parted from his wife Deo. 18. Bom to Mr. and Mrs. George Ristine, of West Liberty street, a girl. Mrs. Sarah Stevens, of North Main street, fell yesterday, breaking her wrist. Ernest Mildner, of Detroit, is doi'ig some fine stoue work in the finishing of the new Pratt bleek Tne printers celebrated Ben Franklin's birthday with a vei-y enjoyable party at Light Infantry hall lust night. N. .1. Kyer was elected one of the directora of the Michigan Millers' Fire Insurance Co., at its session at Lansing tbis week. Mrs. Lucinda Roirson, of Ypsilanti, died Wednesday morniag of heart trouble, aged 84 years. She had lived in Ypsilanti for half a century. Chas. Cook pleaded gnilty bef ore Jastice Gibson yesterday to a charge of stealing dishes from Edward Duffy. He was sentenced to 15 days in jail. Junius E. Beal has been chosen one of the board of directors of the Michigan Fire and Marine Insnranoe Company, ia plaoe of Philip Bach, deceased. The deep waterways comrnission, in session this week in Detroit, it is anuounced by President Angell, will not be ready to report anything to oongress for several months. Dexter is so quiet and orderly that Dick Bell, the marshal, thinks he can make more money farming in Dover fchan he can locking np drunks in the rillage and has gone onto the farm. Gottlieb Kauffmann died of dropsy it his home in Freedom last Monday, iged 60 years The funeral services were held Monday morning at the r. romas church ín that township, Rev. Henry Hein ofiioiating. Ihe report in a Detroit morning paper that the university is to have a new steel dome built next summer seems without foundation. Secretary Wade says he knows of no such idea being ander the hats of the regents. On Monday night Prof. Hinsdale, of ;he university, will lectura before the Unity club upon the Home and Haunts of Martin Luther. This lecture is made up largely of impressions and obervations gained upon the ground in a risit to Germany a few years ago. The Willis correspondent of the ifpsilantian says the cold of Saturday md Sunday of last week "reached clear lown to our boots and our calves ware Deuumbed by the frost. " The attention )f the society for the prevention of ;ruelty to animáis is oalled to the Wilis bard who allows dumb brutes tbus ;o suffer. Wm. Cobb, of Pinckney, pays taxes n four townships. Je raises stumps in Putnam and Hamburg townships in Livingston county, and garden truck nd all kinds of paying crops in Webster and Dexter townships in this jounty. There is one point of his farm where he can place himself on all fours, with his hands in Putnam .nd Hamburg and his feet in Webster and Dexter, or vice versa, just as he takes a aotion. Just because he can do this crobatic geographical feat is no sign that he does it all the time, for he is a farmer who has something else to do than to show off just because he can. The case of the Register Publishing Go. , vs. S. A. Moran is on the cali in the circuit court today and it will probably be a protracted trial. The suit was begun over two years ago. The Register company filed a bilí in chansery, alleging that S.A. Moran, the former manager of the company, had wrongfully taken the Register newspaper for his own property, when, in was the property of the company, and that a chattel mortgage given by S. A. Moran on the Register Publishing sompany's plant to Koch & Henne, was not authorized by the company, and s;iven to secure a debt of his own. rhese charges are denied by S. A. Moran.