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The "elijah" Concert Tonight

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The next concert of the Chora] Union series will be given this evening. The oratorio of the Elijah by Mendlessohn will be perforrned. This work is the greatest oratorio written since Handel and is full of dramatic force. It is annecessary to dweil upon the inerits of so well known a work. We are confldent that the music lovers of thiscomtnunitv will welcome the opportnnity of hearing it. The chorus is in fine trim and the singing will undoubtsdiv demónstrate the progress it is making towards perfeotion. The principal solo part, the part of Elijah, will be taken by Gardner S. Lamson, of the Uinversity School of Music. This part has been sung by Mr. Lamson a large number of times and he is reoognized as an ideal interperter of the music of Mendlessohn. The soprano part will be taken by Mrs. Genevieve Clark Wilson, of Chicago. Mrs. Wilson has just returned from Lonaon and acoording to the testimony of competent eastern musicians is an artist of distinct ability. The alto part will be taken by Mrs. Marshall Pease, of Detroit, wbose ability is so well known in this vioinity. Charles B. Stevens, of Detroit, is the tenor. Mr. Stevens is one of the ruost prominent of Detroit's musicians and sings with a great deal of taste. These concerts will begin promptly at 7 :30 o'clook and patrons should bear this in mind. The faculty Donoert announoed for Tan. 16 will be ziven on January 28.


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