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GR. WILLIAMS, ■ Attornev at Law and Pension Claim Attorno?, MILAN, MICH. Conveyancing: and Collections. Michigan ntewragi "The Niágara Falls Boute." CENTRAL STANDARD TIME. Taking Effect Nov. 24, 1895. GOING EAST. Detroit Night Ex 5 40 a. m. Atlantic Express 130 " Grand Rapids Ex 11 05 Mail and Express ! 50 p. m N. Y. & Boston Sp'l 5 00 Fast Eaetern 10 12 GOING WEST. Gd. Rapids Fa't N'pa'r. . . .2 53 a. m. Boston, N. T. & Oh 7 30 Mail&Expresa 8 38 North Shore Limited 9 25 Fast Western Ex 2 00p.m. G. R. & Kal. Ex 5 55 Chicago Night Ex 10 28 Pacific Express 12 15 O.W. RTJGGLES H. W. HA YES, G. P. & T. Agent Chicago. Ag't Ano Arbor A. GRAND OFFER! CDLB? MME. A. RUPPERT'S rif U FACE BLEACH -tt MME. A. RUPPERT Vif k says: "Inppreciatethofact L&'„ wjm. tbat tbere are xunny thouPl(éfy(aÈLÈ sandsofladioslnthe United aWHS ifsH States tbat wouldlikototry Tf1 3HW my World-Jïenowned K-aor J?L J2fr LL. Trrü Bleach: but have been ágMS w"1 Y4u _ kept from dolng so on ao'ËaSjÊh L fíjk counto í prico,whicbis$íi.OO aHL JZL gfd!Ê, pcrbottleoröbottlestaken jm&ÊJC - Bm tofietber, $5.00. In order Q$&if&0 iixM afc a11 ' tnese may baTO 5 r an opiKrtunity, I wíl! givo Hx 6 to every cal lor, absolutely v-f free, a sample bottle, and J4 j? va rinorder tosupply tboseont r&Lot cityor ln any partof tho Worldjwillsend itsafely packedin plainwrapper all charges prepaid, for 25 cents, sil ver or stamp." In every oase of Veckle, pimples, moth, BailowxiesslackheadscneCííemailinesa.rotigli- nessor anydlscoloration or diseaseof theskln, and wrinkles (not caiised by facial expreftsion) FACB Bleach removes absolutely. It does not -cover np, as cosmética do, but is a oure. Addresa MADAME A. B"ÜPPERT,{DeptO.) NO.0 Eaatl4th St„ NEW YORK CITY. PChtcheflter'n EnsIUb Diamond Brand. # EiYROYAL PILLS jZL'-x Orlclnol nd nlj Genuine. A ïN. safe, alwaya rcliabie. uaoies aafc & á' 4 CE lru(rclst for ChichcaUr s Englitth riuaF%k fef4&AÍ&am("J Brand In Red aad Gold uictallhïjW i- OÊiQboxes, ealcd wlth blue ribbon. Toko iT 'm SMnoother. Tirftue dangerowt mbstitw V t-l L fjftions and imütUions. At DruKgUu, or cnil4e ( ff in stampt for _partieulars, tfotimonials antt V ö " Keliof for Ladle," in letter, by return VY fír Muil. 10,000 T.'stimoniiil3. Kamt Paper. - f'OhicheMterCheialcultJo.jM.inlUoiiHouw gold bj all Local DrusíiísW. FnlUMl ir EÏSENBARTH LIVER PILLS Will stimulate a sluggish system into healthy action . MANN'S DRUG STORE, 39 S. Main Street. ZE White Tokay The Best for all Purposes, MAM BROS., Drugffists, 3eB. Main 8t.: - rANN ARBOB


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