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The Transvaal Trouble

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l'H.'.TOlílA. Jan. 1(5 .- The conference ; tivien Sir llórenles Rob'mson, governor of ííio Cupe Colony, añd President Krueger of the ,South African republic, has been ooncluded, and it is balioved that it has heen entirely satisfactory as regards all matters in wbich Dr. Jameson and his followers are concerned. The other qiiestions which require set tleinent have been i deferred. The British oíHcials speak in the hi{liost terms of the moderation 1 played by President Kruger. and declare j it to be untrue thnt ha has made any ] ordinate demands. oome of Uitlauders : who have been nrresoed at Johannesburg llave boen released. London, Jan. 16.- It is ascertained that j the "Clement" monttoned in the list of the prisoners oí Dr. Jameson's f orce which was issued by the British South Afncn company is not Víctor Clement, the inining engineor, as at iirst supposed, but a j man named Clement Atkins.


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