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Mortgage Sale. ll'HEREAS DEFAÜLT HAS BEEN MADE ' la the payment of the money secured by a mortgage dated the 2Oth d -y of September, ntheyear A. D, 1K88, exeeuti d by Miuhael Steffanoskl and Caroline Steffanoskl, hls wife, of Hrtdgewater, Washtenaw üounty, Michigan, to Christian Saley, of Bridgewater. Washtenaw County, Michigan, whlch sald monga (a was recorded in the office of the RegUier of Deeds of the Coun'y of Washtenaw, In Liher 68, of Mort ages, on page dl, on the 28th day of September, la the year A. D 1886, at 6 30 o cIock A. M And whereas, the said Mortgage has been duly assigned by tbesaid Christian Saley ro Albert Bruusk! by ussignment beirlng date the 30ih day of July. tn the year 1893 and remorded in the office of the Kegister of Deeds of ttie sald County of Washtenuw, on the 18th day of November In the year 1892, at 1.30 o'clock P. M. in Liber Lof assignments óf Mortages on page 279, and the same is now owned by hlm, And whereas, the amount olalmed to be due on said Mortgage at tbe date of this notice is the sum of two hundred seventytwo dollars and fifty-elght cents of principal and int rest, and wnich Is the whole amount claimed to be unpaid on said mortgage and uo suit orproceeaiug havingbeen instltuted ai law to recover the debt now remalning secured by said Mortgage or any part therenf , whereby the power of sale contalned in said Mortgage has becomeoperative. Now, Therefore, notice Is hereby given, that by virtue of the said power of saie, and in pursuanee of the statute In such case made and piovlded, the said Mortgage will b foreclo6ed by a sale of the premises therein ;Jecribed. at public auction, to the highest bidder, at thesouth front door of the court house In the City of Ana Arlior, in said County of Washtenaw [that being the place where the Circuit Court tor the County of Wasbtenaw is held], on Friday, the 13th day of March 1890, at ten o'clock in the forenoou of that dav; Which said prernisis are desorlbed in said Mort age as follows, to wit: All that piece ro pareel of land being on seetion number [20 twenty In the Township of Bridgewater, in the County of Washtenaw and State Tof Michigan, Éounded as follows. to wit: on the nortn by the Bridgewater mili pond and on the cast by lands owned by Stabler, and on the south and west by the highway, the same eontainlng eight acres of land, be the saine more or less. Dated December litta., 18ii5. ALBERT BRUNSKI, AfcBlgneeof Mortgage. G, R GILLESPIE, Attorney tor Assignee of Mortgagee. Mortgage Sale W REREAS, DKFATJLT HAS BEEN MADE in the payment of the inoney secured by a mot-tgage dated the Sist day of March, in the year A. 1) 1881, executed by Michnel titeffan owski, ot the township of Bridgewater, Washteuaw Couuty, Michigan, to Alón o Clark oí Clinton, Lenawe" County, Michigan, which said mortgage was recorded in the office of Register of De ds of the üonnty of Washtenaw, in Liber 53, of mortgiigts, on page 713, om the 4th day of April, in the year A. D. 1 81, at 7: 15 p m. And, whereas, the said mortgage has been duly assigned iy the said Alonzo Olark to James Hogati, by assignment bearing date the 27th dy oi April, in the year 1892, and recorded in the office of the regis er of deeds of the said Countj of Washtenaw, n the'28th day of April, in the year 1892 at 10 o'clock a. m. on Liber 11 of assignments of morí gages on page 178 and said mortgage baviug been again duly assigned by the said James Hogan to Albert Brunski, by assign ment beariug date the llth day of May, in the year 1892 and recorded in the office of register of deeds of the said County of Washtenaw, on tbe 18th day of November in the year 1892 at f:8b o'cloek p. m , in Liber 11 of assignments of mortgages oq page 278 and the same is now owned by mm, the said Albert Brunski. And whereas, the. amount claimed to be due on said mongage a't the date of this notice is the sum of Two Huudred Forty-Six dollars and Ninei3f-one cents of principal and interest; and which is the whole nmount claimed to be unpaid on said mortgage, and no suitor prooeedlngs haviug been instituted at law to recover the debt now remaining secured by said mortgage or any part tbereof whereby the power of sale contained in said mortgage has become operatlve. Now, therefore, notice is hereby given, that by vin ue of the said power of sale, an in pursuance of the statute in such cuse made and provided, the said mortgage will be foreelosed by a Bale of the piemises therein desi-rlbed, t Public Auction, to the highest bidder, at the South front door of the Court house in the City of Ann Arbor. in sald County of Waantenaw, (that being the place where the Circuit Court for the County of Washtenaw is held) on Friday the löth day of March, 1896, at eleven o'clock In the foroaoon: Which said premises are descrlbed in said mortgairo as follows, towit: All that piece or pareel of land sitúate or being in the township of Bridgewater, Couniy of Wasntenaw and State ('f Michigan known and described as follows towit: Commencing in the mlddle of the hlghway in the quarter seetiou line in seetion number (20) tweuty in township number fonr south, of 'range four east, twe'ty-two 22j chains and 'wentv-two (22) links south trom the quarter post on north line of said seetion number i20) twenty, thence south alongsaid quarter seetion line sixteen rods and'si.x links to a stake, thence north-easterly twenty-three rods and four and one-half links to a stake henee north to center ol' mili road sixteen rods and six links, henee south-westerly along the center of uiill road to the place of begiuning containing three (3) acres of land, be the same more or less, Dated December, llth, 1895. ADBERT BRUNSKI Assignee. G. R. Gillespie, Attorney for Assignee. Chancery Sale. IN PUR-íUANCE AND OF VIRTÜE OF A decree of the Circuit Court for the County , of Washtenaw, State of Michigan, in cery, made ano entered on the twenty. seeond day of May 18-%, in a certain cause theroln pending whereln James L. Babcock is complainant and Kaleb Krause, Caroline Krause, Alice Krause, Olive F. ■ster, Mary Van Gorden, Frederick Krause, Sarah Kra se and Edward A. Edmunds aredefendants. Notice is hereby given tnat 1 shall sell at public auctiou to t he highest bidder at the easterly pntrance to the court house in the City of Ann Arbor, County of Washtenaw, and State of Michigan, (that being the huilding in which the Circuit Court tor the County of Washtenaw is beldi on Wednesday the twenty ninth day of January, 1896, at ten o'cloek in theforenoon of suid day, the'followtng described property: All those certain pieces or paroels of land situated in the town ship of Lodi, County and State aforesaid, described as follows: Tne north-west quurter of seetion nuuiber thirteeti iu township number three south, range flve eaet, Stateof Michigan, excepting the following pareéis f o-wit: Commencinirin the north-west corner of said quarter running thence east along the north line thereof ten rods and ten Juches, thence sonth parallel with the west line of said section ten rods and ten Inch es; thenea west parallel with the north line of said spetion ten roda and ten inches to the west line of said seetion: thence north on the west line of said seotion ten rods and een inches to the place of bi'ginning; also commencing at the west quarter stake of said seotion, thenee north on the vest line of said seetion thirteen chains and seventv-three links; thence east one degree, east thirteen chains and flfty )ink6, thence south twenty and three-fourths degrees east, fourteen chains to the east and westqnarter line; thence west on the east and west quarter line of said seetion eighteen ehains io he place of begtnnlng. Dated Dec. 11, 189ñ O. ELMER BUrTEHFlKL. Circuit Court Couimisslouer, Washtsnaw, Countv Michigan. E. B. NORUIS, Solicltor forCompialuaut.


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